Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coming Soon by Dakota Trace~ Safeword Interrupted

A Dom who thinks he has it all…

Deacon Willis has lusted after his friend, Bethany for years – but has kept his distance, not wanting to alienate one of the most important women in his life.  Not only is she the manager of his bar, she’s also the best friend he’s ever had. But all that changes one fateful night when he realizes Bethany’s desires run just as dark as his own.  Once witnessing her need to submit, he’s determined to show her, that only he can give her what she needs.  He’ll be her Dom and she’ll be his cherished submissive.  Hopefully it will be enough to make her happy, because he’ll never be a family man.

A sub who’s about to lose it all…

Bethany Adams has been in love with Deacon for years, but knows his reputation. He’s a love ‘em and leave them type, never settling on one woman long.  It isn’t until she walks in on him dominating another woman that she realizes he could give her everything she needs – a firm hand and a strong man that can fulfill every one of her submissive fantasies.   But what happens when her deepest fantasy becomes a reality?

Will Deacon stick around to be a father to his child…or will he walk away, taking her heart with 



Deacon waited to see if Bethany would obey or if she’d continue to cling to the sheet and her false modesty.

Or if she’s going to force my hand. Dear lord let her force my hand.

Images of how he’d make her pay for her rebellion flashed before his eyes. His favorite of course, was bending her over his lap and warming her ass. But she dashed those thoughts when she dropped the bedding, letting it pool around her ankles. He didn’t bother to stop the soft groan from escaping his chest. Standing in a pool of sunlight, her lush curves backlit with her blond hair shining like an angel’s halo, she reminded him of heaven on earth. One he was definitely going to explore once they got back from the caverns.

“Now come here.” It was difficult but he kept his tone even.

She took halting steps towards him, finally stopping about three feet from him.


She inched closer, then stopped. He sighed dramatically before wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her up against him. “Better. Now kiss me.”

Her lips parted, and for a moment, he thought she would baulk but instead she lifted up on tiptoe and pressed her mouth to his. He savored the rich taste of coffee on her lips while she pressed a bit harder. He waited to see what she’d do. How far she’d go. He almost caved when her tongue rubbed over the seam of his lips before darting back into her mouth. If she thought that her little tease would coax him into playing, she was sadly mistaken. He continued to let her kiss him, not actively participating until a low frustrated moan escaped her. Then he took mercy on her, spearing his tongue inside her mouth. She gave a happy sigh as her tongue rubbed over his.

By the time he lifted his head, he was precariously close to saying screw it and tossing her back onto the bed. Only his plans of seducing not only her body but her mind as well kept him from giving into his baser urges. He had a plan. He drew back and slowly released her.

“Go shower, sweetheart. Before I forget my good intentions.” He curled his fingers into fists. Anything to keep from reaching out and taking what was his – at least for the duration of Spring Break.

Which is why today is so important. I have to prove that it’s more than just sex – that as a good Dom, I’ll see to all her needs, in AND out of the bedroom.

“Fine.” With a flounce he admired but would later result in his hand across her luscious backside, Bethany stomped off into the bathroom. As soon as the door shut, he jerked out the nearest drawer and began yanking his own clothing out. His little hellion wouldn’t let him live it down if he wasn’t ready by the time she reappeared. 

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