Tuesday, May 12, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Day and Knight by Dirk Greyson

As former NSA, Dayton (Day) Ingram has national security chops and now works as a technical analyst for Scorpion. He longs for fieldwork, and scuttling an attack gives him his chance. He’s smart, multilingual, and a technological wizard. But his opportunity comes with a hitch—a partner, Knighton (Knight), who is a real mystery. Despite countless hours of research, Day can find nothing on the agent, including his first name!

Former Marine Knight crawled into a bottle after losing his family. After drying out, he’s offered one last chance: along with Day, stop a terrorist threat from the Yucatan. To get there without drawing suspicion, Day and Knight board a gay cruise, where the deeply closeted Day and equally closeted Knight must pose as a couple. Tensions run high as Knight communicates very little and Day bristles at Knight’s heavy-handed need for control.

But after drinking too much, Day and Knight wake up in bed. Together. As they near their destination, they must learn to trust and rely on each other to infiltrate the terrorist camp and neutralize the plot aimed at the US’s technological infrastructure, if they hope to have a life after the mission. One that might include each other.

The first thing I noticed about Dirk Greyson’s new release Day and Knight was the sex appeal oozing from the cover of the book. I have to admit that alone started me on the road to purchase and read, but once I started I realized there was more than just two pretty faces—I got sex appeal, macho men, and some very hot sex.

Working for a clandestine organization can be very tough, then throw in two agents who aren’t sure if they want to kill each other or ---- each other, both men in the closet, a gay friendly cruise and explosions and that’s just in the first few chapters.

Mr. Greyson delivered action and adventure in Day and Knight. This book was about so much more than male romance—it was about intrigue and life—and the main characters just happened to be male.

The storyline was dynamic and deeply connected to two men who had difficulty dealing with personal emotions yet exhibited a stoic resolve in their work life. Dayton and Knight were lost in a sea of upheaval and happened to find a connection worth fighting for in each other.

Dirk Greyson’s style of writing is fresh and enigmatic—adding subtle nuances in a larger than life tale that exploded off the pages. Grab this one quick and be ready for an exploits run amok. A recommended read. 

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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