Wednesday, June 10, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Theseus by Cree Storm

Hera and Aries have taken over Olympus. The other Gods have one chance to free Zeus and take his rightful place. However, in order to do so the other Gods must be willing to sacrifice their freedom for his. Theseus's labor is to capture the bull…but this is just crazy. 

Taurus is thrown for a loop when he is told he is the mate to a Greek God. Theseus is amazing and keeping his hands off the man is next to impossible. However, finding out that there are rules to mating with a constellation comes as a shock to everyone.

They have three days to find Taurus's replacement or he returns to the sky and Theseus will cease to exist. Can they do this while Phobos is hot on their tails, wreaking terror, to stop them from succeeding on their journey? Or will he succeed where others have failed and Taurus and Theseus be doomed?

Theseus is the 7th book in the Twelve Labors series and Cree Storm’s newest creation. As each book is written more of the story unfolds and another god/demigod is mated in order to eventually save Zeus.

I enjoyed the book and the characters of Taurus and Theseus and thought their issues were well-developed and solved, but I’d be remiss in this review if I didn’t state some issues that I had with the book.

As much as I enjoy Ms. Storm’s writing, the lack of editing in Theseus was distracting. Missing words, misspelled names of characters and characters in the wrong places—these issues took away from the potential enjoyability of the complete story.

I believe I also stated this observation in another of the series, but the Prologue and part of the Epilogue were disjointed from the rest of the story. The opening scene with Aries (I may be wrong, but I thought the god of war-Ares and the astrological sign-Aries) made me feel sticky and slightly unraveled.

As a fan of Cree Storm I will continue with the series. My investment in the series drives me to see it to the end and discover how the gods save Zeus from the clutches of Hera and Aries.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

A three and a half handcuff review

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