Saturday, August 29, 2015

Seductive Studs Blog Hop #SedStuds

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I am excited to share a snippet from my newest manuscript~ Kristoph's Freedom. I'm about to hit the submission button, so here's to keeping my fingers crossed.


Diablo Rivera runs the C & L Ranch, passed down through his family for centuries; the Rivera’s settled along the coast of Virginia to breed horses for the king of Spain. Diablo loves the ranch, his horses and the men he works with. He also has certain proclivities which the C & L Ranch caters to. Diablo is a Dominant. Diablo is also a vampire, one hundred and fifty years old and desperately desires a mate and permanent sub.

Kristoph Karlisle is a recent graduate from University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School and wants to work in the south preferably on a ranch, in the warmth. As a coquí shifter, the heat of the south better suits his needs. Upon graduating, Kristoph discovers the advertisement for Vet Needed at a Virginia ranch. Specializing in shifter medicine, Kristoph jumps at the chance to leave the winters of PA and head to a shifter-run ranch.
From the moment Diablo spoke to Kristoph over the phone he sensed something about the young man. A niggling in the back of his mind had him offering a trial run on the ranch. After searching for many years, Diablo believes he’s met his mate, albeit over the phone, but soon he’d meet the man in person and know for sure.
Diablo’s concern~ not the fact that they are a shifter-run ranch. Shifters exist, govern themselves and have cooperation with the governments of the world. What concerns Diablo is his lifestyle, a Dom in the world of BDSM and a ranch that takes hog tying to a new level. He can only hope his mate is as open-minded as the residents of the C & L Ranch.


¡Qué mielda! Diablo couldn’t believe his ears. His vampiric hearing never betrayed him. How could it be? One phone call and his life could be changed forever. Hiring a vet would be fantastic, but the fact the vet turned out to be his life mate was overwhelming. Unlike most shifters who solely scented their mates, vampires were different―their mates voice called to them, much like the siren call, as well as scent. Luckily, for vampires, they didn’t need to be in physical proximity to know their mate, just hear the voice. He’d say it again― what the fuck. Diablo longed for a mate and permanent submissive, the one which fate chose to compliment his soul and heart. Dr. Kristoph Karlisle.
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  1. Wonderful details you've brought to this scene, Evelise.

  2. Love the determination in his voice. Very compelling.