Wednesday, November 25, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ The Case of the Purple Pearl by Kell & Scott

After failing in a quest to win the Fae Queen’s approval, Halstein is locked in a world of stone. Forced to remain a gargoyle he spends his days on Sam’s desk pining for his lost love.

Prince Idris’s lover went missing and was presumed dead. Alone, Idris lives a life away from court, starved of energy but unwilling to sleep in the room he once shared with his beloved.

Can Sam and Bob save these fated lovers before it's too late? And will Bob’s ultimate sacrifice be enough to free Hal from his prison?

The Case of the Purple Pearl by Amber Kell and R.J. Scott was an enjoyable read with enough substance that if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, the Purple Pearl was easy to follow. Kell and Scott have done a formidable job of melding two distinct writing styles, thus delivering a story of love and intrigue.

It was nice to revisit popular characters Sam and Bob and further delve into their lives and the detective agency which they struggle to keep afloat. Bob’s vampiric stoic nature always tugs at my heart while Sam’s slightly skittish demeanor is the perfect yin to Bob’s yang. Together the men make a beautiful couple full of love and pride.

Tasked with saving a fae-gargoyle mating; Sam, Bob, Smudge and entourage travel to the fae realm, the sea and eventually the vampire kingdom where Bob once hailed from.

The action is fast-paced and leaves you guessing at the next twist Kell & Scott will reveal.
An HEA for some, but for others…left wide open for the next book in this captivating series.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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