Thursday, November 12, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Splendid Isolation by Helena Maeve

Old spies make dangerous hostages.

A prisoner at the tender mercies of the British Secret Intelligence Services, Manuel has to believe that trading freedom for protection was his only hope of avoiding payback for his crimes. Yet his chequered past is neither forgiven nor forgotten. Every day, Manuel is tasked with providing his handlers new intelligence about the bloodthirsty power players he once served. And if he refuses, there are consequences.

In charge of Manuel’s debriefing is Cole, a high-ranking Section officer whose history is intimately intertwined with Manuel’s misdeeds. He has made it his mission to unearth Manuel’s secrets, however long that takes. He will break Manuel because it is necessary. Avenging a broken heart has nothing to do with it.

But time is not on their side. When Manuel’s former employer targets the safe house where he is imprisoned, his usefulness as an asset is called into question. As old passions awaken, both Cole and Manuel discover that letting go of the past may not be as easy as they’d hoped.

Helena Maeve is back with the third book in the Shadow Play series, Splendid Isolation and what this reviewer considers the best in the series. Manuel and Cole, introduced in The Price of Freedom are the stars of Splendid Isolation.

Manuel is held prisoner at the Cottage, interrogated every day for information regarding the Macias crime syndicate, thanks to the British Secret Service.

Old flame and fellow spy Cole, rehashes the fires which drove their relationship many years ago. The only problem ~ one works for the Crown and the other is held by the Crown.

I have read all three of the current books in the Shadow Play series and this book had the most substance and intrigue. Cat and mouse drama without being over the top, Ms. Maeve delivered enough secrecy and conspiracy to formulate an enticing story, pique my curiosity and hold my attention. I found the dialogue witty and endearing~ Cole and Manuel were seasoned men, not young pups, and Ms. Maeve’s characterization hit the mark. Her writing of two mature men with secrets and secrecy drove the plot and fleshed out unwanted substance. 

Kudos Helena Maeve~ a wonderfully written spy tale with an underlying story of care and need sans  over-romanticizing.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review
Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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