Monday, December 28, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Fahey's Flaw by Jenna Byrnes

Can KCPD detectives keep the latest designer drug off the streets and out of the hands of teenagers?
There’s a new drug of choice in town, and the detectives of the KCPD Vice Department are working fast to keep it away from unsuspecting students looking for a cheap high. Detective Wynn Fahey’s son, Connor, is thirteen going on thirty. His recent announcement that he’s gay causes concern for his mother and her new husband, and the parents of the boy he’s been caught in a compromising position with.
Wynn struggles to help his son adjust, not having gone through the same issues since he didn’t come out until he was divorced with a child. When the new five dollar Insanity drug invades Con’s school, the boy is forced to grow up faster than his parents would have liked. Will the love and support of handsome English teacher Reilly O’Keefe be enough to sustain Wynn and Connor, or are they in too deep to scrabble their way out of danger?

Jenna Byrnes is at it again~ introducing us to Wynn Fahey in the newest installment of the Kansas City Heat series~ Fahey’s Law.

Wynn struggles to find love, keep his son safe and protect the teens of Kansas City from the newest deadly drug to hit the streets.

Reilly, teacher at Con’s (Wynn’s son) school was the man that captured the detective’s heart.

The relationship between the two men progresses quickly, steaming the sheets and leaving little to the imagination. I enjoyed both men’s personalities and the ease in which they took to each other and respected each other’s choices.

The underlying story of a son coming out and trying to find himself in a world of bigotry and teenage angst was tastefully done. Additionally, the drug angle added anxiety and realism.

The story line flowed albeit sometimes quickly and conveniently, but none the less a good story.

I continue to enjoy this series.
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