Monday, December 7, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Hyatt's Hunt by Jenna Byrnes

Kansas City’s latest serial killer suspect has just been released on a technicality. Can the homicide detective and the ADA work together to recapture the criminal? 

KCPD Homicide’s newest detective, Jed Hyatt, apprehends a drug addict wanted for the gruesome murder of a local real estate agent. The man as much as admits the pretty woman isn’t his first victim. Before Jed has a chance to question him, the suspect’s lawyer gets him released on a technicality. Shocked and frustrated, Jed butts heads with the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case, Brody Carpenter. Brash but sexy as hell, Brody lashes out at Jed for sloppy police work. He suggests the officers keep digging, and bring him any information they can uncover. In private, Brody’s interested in another type of ‘under the covers’ activity. Jed’s intrigued but concerned because the men are so different, yet Brody insists opposites attract. In a race to solve the case before anyone else is hurt, Jed discovers in a terrifying way that his actions have consequences, sometimes very dire ones.

Hyatt’s Hunt, Kansas City Heat #8 by Jenna Byrnes was equal parts mystery and love story. Jed Hyatt and his partner are on the hunt for a serial killer. Enter ADA Brody Carpenter and things heat up in the office and in between the sheets.

While I liked Ms. Byrnes characterization of Brody, my first impression was a spoilt self-righteous playboy, who was used to getting what he wanted. I did eventually warm up to the man as the story unfolded but never truly connected with him.

Jed on the other hand, captured my attention and the little details of being so close to his parents and you’re never too old to talk to mom every week, made me fall for the man even more.

The hunt for a serial killer added intrigue and drama to the story, with the bonus of characters from previous books adding to the mix.

Overall, the story was well-developed and can be read as a stand-alone.
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