Monday, February 15, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Leading Me Home by Megan Linden

Pretending to date the guy he has a crush on? Kevin’s sure he’s heading for a disaster. A broken heart, at least.
Kevin has been a lone wolf almost his entire life and he’s comfortable with that. Now that he no longer works for the guy he hated, Kevin has only one problem—his crush on his neighbor and best friend.
Taylor is the Alpha’s Son, the heir to the Harrington Pack. He left his hometown and moved to San Francisco as a rite of passage, but it was always temporary, since his place is in Harrington Hills with his pack. Now Taylor is heading back home for a wedding and since his mother is threatening to set him up if he comes alone, he needs a date. Asking Kevin to be his pretend boyfriend sounds like a perfect solution.
What happens when they arrive in Harrington Hills and learn to see each other in a different light? With their relationship changing, can they drop the act and realize that what they have is real?

As the eldest son to the Harrington Pack alpha and beta, Taylor will one day take over the reins from his mothers. Relegated to return home for a pack wedding, Taylor convinced his best friend and lone wolf Kevin to play boyfriend in order to escape his overprotective and meddling parents.

Megan Linden delivered a very sweet and charming friends to lovers’ story in Leading Me Home.

Both men created a bond of friendship that upon being nurtured, soon turned to love.

Ms. Linden wrote with careful hand as the relationship simmered and built slowly, instead of the usual fast track to sex. Taylor and Kevin were likeable and I was immediately drawn into their lives.

The secondary characters were well-developed and I enjoyed Mom A and Mom B. Ms. Linden gave some back story on the two women’s lives and I hope we learn more in subsequent books.

Overall a sweet tale.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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