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S.E.X. Review~ Never Too Late by Sloan Johnson

Dax: My life ended six years ago. No, really. I was dead on the side of the road following a gruesome motorcycle accident. From what I've been told, it's only because of one stubborn man that I have another chance to make something of my life. I no longer hate him for screwing up what I thought I wanted. I want to thank him. NEED to tell him what his actions mean to me. 

Now, I’m headed back to the town I’ve never set foot in even though it’s a huge part of my life. I’m not thrilled about that, but the job offers haven’t exactly been flowing in. They’ll probably think I’m crazy, because there’s no way I won’t be able to look at every guy I walk past, wondering if he’s the one who saved me. 

Michael: My entire life, I wanted to save lives. I’d earned a full-ride scholarship and had been accepted to med schools across the country. I was so close to making those dreams a reality until the night I held a dying man in my arms. I’ve never been able to get the images of his lifeless body, caked in mud, out of my head. Even when the paramedics tried to take over saving him, I couldn’t let go. I never let go. Eventually, my guilt over not doing more cost me everything but my son. And now, I worry I’ll lose him if I don’t get it together. 

I’ve often thought that if I could find him, maybe I could get some closure and finally get my life back on track. Now he’s here and I’m more of a mess than ever. Once the truth comes out, will he keep trying to save me or will he realize that it’s too late?

 I enjoyed Never Too Late by Sloan Johnson and the premise of the story. Two men, followed different paths which unbeknownst to each of them started at the same time, and ended together.

The storyline was well-developed and the message of finding yourself and true happiness radiated throughout the pages, but for a long book, the cycle of getting there was drawn out. Never Too Late was written in first person POV and for the most part every other chapter was told from either Dax or Michael’s POV. At times this premise was slightly confusing and I had to back track to the start of the chapter to remember whose POV we were in. This slowed the process of reading the book down for me.

The angst and heart ache came through but at a slightly clipped pace.  Ms. Johnson’s character development of men with issues who each held their own insecurities and anxieties came off more as Michael’s petulance and Dax’s selfishness. Although, in defense to the story, I liked both men and found a soft spot for them.

I would have liked to know more about Jagger, not simply as the loveable, mischievous child of Michael but as the little boy who not only lost a mother but suddenly his father’s new best friend is also now his second parent. I think this was a great opportunity missed by the author to delve into the creation of a new family dynamic.

Overall, a nice read.
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