Wednesday, July 13, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Jacob's Journey by Sydney Presley

The journey is well worth the destination.
Jacob arrives at Highgate to collect two members of his pride and take them back to Oakland, the place they grew up. The problem is, Evan and Christian have mated and decide to remain at the Highgate wolf compound. Knowing an Oakland official, one of the pride king’s right-hand men, will turn up to fetch them all if they don’t return home, Jacob has a dilemma on his hands. Especially when he’s introduced to Frankie, a wolf who gave him the serious jitters at the hotel in Morgan’s Creek. A wolf who insists they’re mates…
Frankie doesn’t understand how a lion and a wolf can be destined mates but he’s not about to question it too much. He’s waited for his mate for far too long, and now that he’s arrived, Frankie isn’t about to let Jacob get away. The question is, how can he convince Jacob to stay? With the threat of an Oakland lion coming to collect Jacob, Evan and Christian, Frankie knows the only way to solve the issue is to follow shifter law. Jacob must fight the Oakland man—and only one of them will remain alive. Only then can Frankie and Jacob share their lives without looking over their shoulders.
However, Jacob is a kind soul, a man who doesn’t like fighting of any kind, yet he will have to step up and be the type of person who is prepared to do everything it takes to keep his mate safe. Frankie is more than willing to fight in Jacob’s place, but the shifter law is the law, and for happiness to be theirs, they must follow it to the letter.
But will they?

Jacob’s Journey, Sydney Presley’s fifth book in the Highgate Shifters series was a lovely tale of a wolf and his destined mate, a lion. Frankie was a member of the Highgate Pack, while Jacob, a lion was sent from his pride to round up Evan and Christian (Evan’s Epiphany) and return them to their king.

Along the way, Ms. Presley has created a distinctive, albeit unusual family of shifters with Sergeant and Dillon as the pack alphas. Frankie and Jacob were sweet and sensitive~ with each other and their mating. Two souls uniting for a common ground and very protective.

A tad bit of drama that ended very quickly, none the less added a bit of spice. A nice book in a good series.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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