Friday, July 29, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Touched Down by Hayden Hunt

It seems like I'm never going to find the right woman... But maybe I've found the right man

Things haven't been easy for me. Even though, in theory, I have everything I want. I'm rich, I get to play football for a living which is my passion, I have a huge house. What I don't have is someone to share it with. Despite dating so many women, none of them ever click for me. I was beginning to resign myself to being alone forever, until I meet Alex.

Alex is the perfect person for me... Except for the fact that he's a man.

I don't date straight guys, I refuse to get tangled up in that mess.

At least, that's what I promise myself after my ex Jason. I don't want to be with a man who isn't willing to come out of the closet. But, that doesn't mean I can't be friends with Liam, right? There's no harm in being around him if I keep things platonic.

Only, every fiber of my being is craving him romantically.

Touched Down by Hayden Hunt was a quick read and an even quicker romance. Straight man Liam and gay man Alex met at a local beach bar and began chatting. Liam soon found himself invited to a party at Alex’s home, where a drunken goodnight kiss (initiated by Liam) startled both men.

Liam’s apology won Alex over convincing the man he already had feelings for him and within minutes Alex willingly gave himself to Liam.

The premise of the book captured my attention, but once I started reading the story fell flat. Straight man suddenly turned gay in the blink of an eye and had no qualms about bedding another man; gay man fell immediately in love with straight man and allowed him to 'have' him with a bit of saliva as lube, very little prep, and no condom…. this concerned me.

Additionally, the lack of editing and word choice distracted from the read. Hayden Hunt is a new author to me and I’d like to read more.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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