Thursday, August 18, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Extra Point by Cree Storm

Jotham was one of the oldest of the paranormal world, and a dragon shifter. He had been one of the attending Councilmen for the mating Games, since its creations. It is a time, for most, to come and have some fun, play some games, and hopefully find their mate. However, for Jotham, it was the time of his worst nightmare. Someone had taken his daughter over a hundred years ago. Discovering that Councilman Troy, his supposed friend, was behind his daughter’s disappearance was something Jotham had a hard time dealing with. 
When he was first approached about the sinister actions of his fellow councilman, Jotham had not believed the men's accusations. Then Ricky, Ian, Joop, their mates, and family proved their words were true. Discovering his daughter had died was heartbreaking, but then he saw a picture in a file and knew the little girl looking back at him could only be one person...his granddaughter. 
Ricky and Ian convinced him that maybe one of the victims might be able to help them find the other captives. That is how he met his destiny.... his Q... his mate. 
Q had never really known a life outside the labs and captivity. So many people and no ability to communicate was terrifying. Then he saw the most beautiful sight in the world. His koala wanted to pounce and claim the man...but then he found out Jotham was a man of power and that type of person had only brought him fear and pain. 
Can Q push past his fear and help his mate find his granddaughter and others still being imprisoned? Can Q push his fear even harder aside and allow his dragon mate to claim him? Or will all be lost forever? 

The plot thickens in The Mating Games series by Cree Storm, Extra Point. Jotham, the almighty dragon shifter found his mate amongst those caged by Councilman Troy and his band of mad scientists. Q, the koala shifter, and champion of the captured children lived a life in captivity until set free by ‘the mates’.

As one thing worked in their favor, another attempted to tear them apart. Ricky, Ian, Joop, and their mates assisted Jotham in rescuing his long-lost granddaughter and several children.

Ms. Storm’s book was action-packed and adventurous. The familiarity of the men rang through and their care for each other resonated. Ms. Storm did a nice job of world building and giving the reader enough information, making me want to come back for more. My only drawback was the lack of editing/formatting. Words ran together and misspelled names detracted from the read.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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