Thursday, August 4, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Unnecessary Roughness by Cree Storm

The Mating Games gathering has arrived!
Finding ones mate is not always easy. Not everyone's mate is always the same species and the Council knows this, so they designed a way for all types of shifters and other paranormals to come together. Have some fun, meet new people, and if you are one of the lucky ones....find your mate.
Knowing that Councilman Troy is responsible for their friend's disappearance, and proving it, are two different things. However, Colby and Ian are just as determined to do that, as they are to figure out how to make their mating official.
Discovering that the councilman is using endangered animal shifters for his own purposes, pushes Colby's saber toothed tiger and Ian's giant golden crowned flying fox to change their approach, but not their determination.
The thing is, even with all they know, can they save Joop and the others and still prove that Councilman Troy is behind it all or will the Councilman make these two a part of his experiments first?

A saber toothed tiger and a flying fox made for a wonderful couple in Cree Storms’ Unnecessary Roughness, The Mating Games #2. Colby and Ian lit up the pages with their wit and charm as they banned together with Ricky, Derk, and friends and family to discover the unscrupulousness of the council and save their friend Joop.

What I am enjoying about the series is that although the storyline will continue in the next book, each one still delivered an HEA. But I do recommend reading them in order.

The secondary characters, once again kept me laughing and thinking, ‘everyone needs parents like them’.

Ms. Storm delivered sensuality and sexiness, especially in the mating of Colby and Ian. Depth and intrigue accompanied the drama as the tale unfolded.

I am adoring the series and look forward to reading the next book.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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