Thursday, September 29, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ What it Looks Like by Matthew J. Metzger

Eli Bell is the only son of a police chief inspector and a forensic scientist. He's grown up wonky in a world that only deals with the straight and narrow -- and his new boyfriend isn't helping.

Rob Hawkes is six feet of muscle, tattoos, and arrest warrants. A career criminal and a former guest of Her Majesty's Prison Service, he'd rather hit Eli's parents than sit down to dinner with them. One wrong move, and Rob could destroy Eli -- and his family -- without a second thought.

But this isn't what it looks like.

Rob's not in control here -- and Eli's the one to blame.

What it Looks Like by Matthew J. Metzger was not what I thought the book was yet I was pleasantly surprised. 

Rob and Eli are a solid couple in their love for each other but each have a mile of issues to work out with each other and others.

It's very difficult to articulate a review without giving away the very interesting surprise the reader will discover. I wish I had actually known about it prior- not sure how I would have reacted. But, the crux of Eli’s issues revolved around his secret and his need to be accepted.

The characters were larger than life, at their best and their worse. The language was heavy and foul- from this reader’s perspective- and I'm not sure if that was a true depiction of how British children speak to their parents. I am not British and I'd hate to stereotype. 

I found Eli’s parents sanctimonious, as well as Eli. For someone professing true love towards Rob, Eli was quick to judge. Additionally, the glamorization of Rob was slightly off-putting. The man was a thug, although the author did a nice job of Rob’s character development. And I adored his treatment of his brother.

What the story did delineate was the depth a tortured soul would go to achieve happiness. The reality that not all families are accepting. And that sometimes those who should show unconditional love, don't, and we create our own family. 

The storyline was heartfelt and emotional. 
Book provided in exchange for an honest review

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