Thursday, October 27, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ How to Claim Your Dragon by Storm and Walsh

Jett has waited patiently for over twenty-five years for his mate Zev to acknowledge that they are mates. Then one harshly said word changes everything, forcing Jett to realize that he can’t go on like this. So Jett goes to their leader Illan and requests a transfer that will take him far away from his mate, his twin, and his family. 

He may still yearn for his mate and his brothers, but Jett’s new life is exactly what he was looking for, minus a loving mate, of course. A bitterness builds in Jett when his new pack, new firehouse, and new friends become what his life should have been and was not. Jett has no intention of returning to the pain and heartache he left behind...that is, until the phone rings.

Finn has been accused of murder. Jett may feel betrayed by his family, but he also knows his brother is no murderer, and returns to help clear Finn's name. 

Zev and his clutch couldn't believe that the cold, angry man sitting in the diner was the same man that used to make jokes and laugh at every turn. He knew that he had caused this and it hurt to his very soul to see the bitter angry man he had created with his stupidity. Zev had denied his mate and he had said hurtful, vile things to the man he had loved for so many years. All he needed was a chance to make things right, but Jett's attitude told him his mate was lost to him, and Zev would have to accept that. 

However, when Jett places himself in the arms of their enemy, to clear his brother, Zev realizes a couple of things. First, that Zev will do anything and everything to keep his mate safe, and second, that he is not ready to give up on Jett just yet. Now all he has to do is convince Jett that they still have a chance to be one before the man gets himself killed.

I've been looking forward to Zev and Jett's story and How to Claim Your Dragon by Storm and Walsh did not disappoint. Jett was back in town after his self-imposed exile and must help his brother and the clutch. Still attempting to solve the murder mystery and get his life back on track- Jett now has the complication of his mate.

Authors Cree Storm and Maggie Walsh created a new world of phoenix and dragons and added an air of intrigue. The dragon/phoenix world was dually fascinating and captivating. 

Zev and Jett were large personalities with wicked sense of humors. They complemented each other much like Ms. Walsh and Ms. Storm do in their style of writing.

The HEA was perfect with an air of suspense as to what comes next.
Maybe my favorite book to date in the series.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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