Tuesday, January 3, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ The Closer I Get by Dahlin & James

Croix Matthews has been hot for his best friend Brayden O’Conner since the moment he rescued the homeless boy from the street as a teen. Since everyone in his world, including Brayden, thinks he’s straight he’s had no luck with his timid attempts at letting his friend know he’d like a shot at being more, but with International super model Brayden finally boyfriend free the time to go full throttle is now.
Brayden hears his friend’s plea for assistance and assumes his straight bestie needs help with the ladies. Although he all but chokes on the task he'd do anything for the man who saved his life. If that means not investigating the meaning behind the shy come hither looks Croix is always throwing at him, so be it.
The closer they get to each other the more they can see how large the obstacles are. Will they stand strong together or will they let themselves be torn further apart?

The Closer I Get by LL Dahlin and Draven St. James was a wonderful read and hopefully the start of an even more wonderful new series. The writing duo catapulted themselves to this reviewer’s top ten list and made my end of 2016 reading most enjoyable.

Main characters Croix and Brayden were superbly portrayed- loving, intelligent and gentle souls. 

Their synergy, especially in times of friendship, radiated through the authors writing, thus making them more likeable to readers. The men fit together like the perfect pair of buttery leather gloves and entwined themselves into each other’s system, metamorphosing into a loving couple standing stronger together than apart.

The Closer I Get was a strong read and…

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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