Tuesday, April 4, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ Benevolent Master by Dakota Trace

Single mom, Alyce O'Connell is a desperate woman. With her thesis almost complete on the intricate relationships between dominants and submissives she thinks she’s found a way to better her and daughter’s life - until her adviser won't sign off on it. Dr. Gylberte insists that Alyce needs some actual in 'the field' experience. While she can't believe the woman is going to withhold her approval until Alyce has experienced at least a few weeks in the role of a dominant or submissive, Alyce is willing to do anything to get it - including begging the man at the door of New Beginnings to help her. 

Kaleb Terzis loves his life. He not only gets to help kids by running one of the most popular youth art centers in Napa Valley, he also works part time as a Dominant at New Beginnings with several of his friends. He's footloose and free - content to play the field of willing submissives, until a desperate woman comes into the club, all in the name of research. Even as he’s prepared to hand off Alyce to Master Ethan, he changes his mind when Alyce shivers at his touch and turns those needy eyes his way. Attracted to the cool beauty despite her resemblance to his ex wife, he takes her on - determined to prove that under her impersonal demeanor is a woman who needs to submit. 

He just never expects her to turn the tables on him… 

Benevolent Master by Dakota Trace was a sexy and lustful read. As a fan of Ms. Trace, I flocked to the newest addition in the Doms of Napa Valley series.

Kaleb and Alyce were sophistically written (although I had a hard time connecting with Kaleb at the start- he rubbed me the wrong way with his smug attitude). But that changed quickly with the author’s masterful writing and storytelling.

Alyce’s daughter, was craftfully developed- a child with autism, Ms. Trace hit the mark in her research. This sweet child tugged at my heartstrings and made me want to throttle anyone hellbent on hurting her.

The chemistry between Kaleb and Alyce skyrocketed throughout with witty dialogue and steamy BDSM scenes. The sex was exquisite, so grab a glass of wine before sitting down to read this tasty morsel.

Kudos Ms. Trace for delivering another winner.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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