Monday, April 17, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ Embrace the Fire by Felice Stevens

Brandon Gilbert has spent years in hiding, but he’s finally accomplished his dream of working as a public school teacher. When offered the chance to help bullied children, there was no way he could say no. Not to mention that meeting Dr. Tash Weber, the psychiatrist who helps them, a sad yet sexy older man, ignited a spark inside Brandon he’d never had before.

Though five years have passed since the death of his lover, Dr. Sebastian "Tash" Weber has no interest in relationships or love. But young, enigmatic Brandon awakens his heart and his desire. Despite Tash’s best efforts to push him away, Brandon unlocks the passion for life Tash thought he’d lost forever. 

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan for either Brandon or Tash, but neither family disapproval nor self-doubts can stop them from embracing the fire that burns between them. And when Brandon returns home to fight for a future he never imagined possible, he and Tash discover that the one thing worth fighting for has been with them all along.
This is a re-release of the original book published in 2015. It has been completely revised and re-edited with over 10,000 words of additional content added.

The final installment in Felice Stevens' series Through Hell & Back was worth the wait and the read. Embrace the Fire was beautifully written and wonderfully delivered.

Characters Brandon and Tash were two lonely and lovely souls who found each other at a time when both were able to create a synergy of acceptance and love.

The third brother in the trilogy, Brandon struggled with his own inner demons on his quest to find his siblings and his way in a world which was once fraught with demons.

Tash, introduced in book two, had his own inner turmoil, which once he came to terms with, allowed himself the love of the young man which captured his heart.

Luke & Jordan, Ash & Drew, Esther and the rest of the characters that have delighted us with their wonderful, albeit at times, heart breaking stories, added the missing pieces of the book and the lives Ms. Stevens wrote about.

The banter, acceptance, and love permeated through the story as each person found happiness in their makeshift family, brought together not always by blood, but by the earned forgiveness and devotion.

A few surprises along the way, Embrace the Fire was everything promised and so much more.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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