Thursday, May 11, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ Dead Wolf Walking by Sydney Presley

The crows cannot be ignored…

Jon had moved away from Northchurch because the crows had come, bringing havoc with them. He’d left behind the love of his life, Vince, and they’d agreed to live together once Vince’s mum passed away. Much as Jon would have loved to have stayed near Vince, he couldn’t. He was the bad wolf, the Dead Wolf Walking, the one the crows had come to take away.

Vince had missed Jon this past year, but the time had gone quickly, what with him caring for his mother and working full time. The local farmer, Mr. Potter, had given Vince bad news, though, and Vince had had to contact Jon. There was no other way forward.

The crows had come again, and Jon was the only one who could make them go away. Or was he? With the birds dropping from the sky, Northchurch was set to be bathed in trouble again—deaths, too, if the last episode was anything to go by.

Jon had to face a hurtful fact, though—as if his painful childhood hadn’t hurt enough. His mother was someone he’d vowed never to see again, yet here he was, back in Northchurch, presented with a task no son should ever have to face. But the crows had spoken, and Jon was powerless to ignore their needs…

Dead Wolf Walking by Sydney Presley left me feeling confused and bereft, and disconnected from a story I hoped to enjoy.

I never connected with the characters, neither on a personal level, with them as individuals or as a couple. Jon and Vince appeared to be a disjointed couple with little in common.

The language of the tale and the characterization of the players was unclear. The involvement of the crows, although explained, appeared more glossed over and left more questions than answers. Additionally, I am puzzled about the wolves- their inception, their role in society, and how they all fit together (if they don’t know about each other).

My curiosity has the best of me, and I am compelled to read the next book upon release, if only to satisfy my own curiosity. I do enjoy Ms. Presley's work and many of her previous characters.

No rating given

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