Thursday, June 1, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ The Wounded Warrior by BA Tortuga

When Luke’s lost everything, the only thing to do is head back home to the ranch and pray that he finds his way again.
When Navy SEAL Luke Blanchard comes back to Northeast Texas after a devastating injury, he feels like the whole world has gone dark. In a wheelchair and feeling worthless, Luke has no idea what to do, even as his twin brother Matt is determined to lift him up and help him heal. 
Rory McConnell is a local prodigy, a real estate lawyer with a plan to buy up land before his bitter rival can collect it. When the Blanchard ranch goes into the red, he offers to buy out the debt. Luke backs his brother instead, but he doesn’t believe for a minute that Rory is a bad guy. No one that sexy and fun can be, right?
As Luke claws his way out of depression with a crazy idea to run a therapy ranch, he and Rory start to explore the need growing between them. Will Rory’s need for revenge against a man who damaged him forever come between them, or will it be the force which brings these two wounded men together for good?
Reader Advisory: This book contains fragmented recollection of gang-rape which happened off-screen several years earlier. 

The Wounded Warrior by B.A. Tortuga catapulted to this reader’s top ten list. Rory and Luke were larger than life characters with guts and devotion. Ms. Tortuga brought a wounded veteran and an openly gay Texas lawyer to the forefront of her new series Rocking W.

I adored Rory and Luke as well as Matt, Luke’s twin, and the rest of the cast of characters.

A tumultuous start to their relationship, Rory and Luke soon found a kinship in their kindred souls and forged through with their heads held high, albeit the baggage both men carried.

Rory, psychologically scarred from a physical attack, and Luke, a physically damaged war veteran, together the men casted aside their weaknesses for a stronger bond that allowed them to grow as a couple and begin a venture to help other war veterans.

I have always been fond of Ms. Tortuga’s work, giving her books high praise, but The Wounded Warrior may be her best work to date.

The realization through Ms. Tortuga’s words gave authenticity to the underlying story, centering on the horrors which can be thrown in life and the ever-present spirit to move forward. The fine line between giving up in the face of adversity and striving for the best can be tenuous, and Ms. Tortuga allowed both her characters to achieve their goals with dignity and respect, sometimes with a much-needed push, sometimes with a kind word.

The Wounded Warrior is a must read and well-deserving of praise. Thank you, Ms. Tortuga, for showing our military finest in the best possible light, while staying true to their everyday struggles.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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