Thursday, July 13, 2017

S.E.X. Review~ Finding You by Lily Harlem

When shifters Aleco and Pedro find their world torn in two, they have to stick together, fight together and be as one in a way they never have before.
For Aleco, the pieces of his happiness jigsaw have finally fallen into place. With his son, Neo, now content with a new mate, it’s time for him to celebrate with the two people he loves and desires most in the world.
But little does Aleco know that waiting for him and Pedro is the worst news of all. The third in their relationship is missing, vanished without a trace. There one minute, gone the next.
In their frantic dash to find her, a desperate passion is fueled, and their emotions collide with fiery consequences. Taking solace in each other is all they can do.
But will they find her? And why has she left them? The only thing left is to keep hunting for the answers and following her trail.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

Finding You by Lily Harlem was the continuation of her Redwood shifters series. Aleco, Pedro, and Julie- mated for many years- faced a trial that would surely scare any committed ménage and force them to take matters into their own hands.

While on an excursion in their town, Julie was kidnapped, leaving Aleco and Pedro bereft- their mate yanked away from them. While searching for her, the dog pack discovered a neighboring pack alpha was the culprit in the hopes of taking over territory.

While the premise of the story was nice, I fell short on the length of the story. No back story to the dog shifters original meeting of their human mate, no son Neo (book 1) concerned about his mother’s kidnapping, and sex which was run of the mill, and not what I’m used to by the talented Lily Harlem.

While the author does have me hooked to see where she’ll take the series, I just needed a bit more.

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