Thursday, July 5, 2018

S.E.X. Review~ The Depth of Love by Serena Akeroyd

Behind every relationship, there's a story. A history that enables every decision, even the most ludicrous, to make sense.

When it comes to a menage, the complexities of an ordinary relationship suddenly take on a life of their own. There's more to a menage than just sex, after all.

As a surrogate, Gia Jefferson never realized she'd find love after life's harsh realities induced her to hire out her womb.

As a gay man, one who'd spent years hiding from the truth of his sexuality, Josh Henderson never saw Gia coming.

And fresh from a deployment, and all the traumas of his time overseas, Luke Gray never realized the light at the end of the tunnel would be within the most unorthodox family society could imagine.

Three lives blended together, forming paths of their own, creating new life, new love... Gia, Josh, and Luke's world could never be more complicated. Nor could fate throw more their way, and yet, it's for them to survive, to battle the hardships tossed in their path. But when the impossible happens, when heartache strikes, trust is rocked, and betrayal hits home, is the depth of their love enough to make it through? Or will life score another victory and love another defeat?

The culmination to Serena Akeroyd’s serial, The Luck of Love was spectacular. The Depth of Love was everything I’d have hoped for and wanted in this wonderfully written saga.

Gia, Josh, and Luke came together has a united front and battled demons past and present to enhance their relationship and forge forward as a family. Lexi was ever-present and completely adorable; the slip of a genius and precocious child, only enhanced the dynamics of the family.

The nuances of the three individuals radiated through Ms. Akeroyd’s writing and gave credence to her ability to formulate a story of three very different people who came together and better in the end.

I appreciated knowing how the three got together, with the author giving us glimpses into the past. Gia was drawn to the committed couple, as they were to them, and it worked!

Over my past few reviews of the previous books, I have tried to understand Josh, as a man and his character, and I can say, that I finally get it. Josh was not a wine and roses man. A product of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era, drilled into his being all his life, Josh was a pragmatist. And as such, he lived his life; professional and personal that way. But, he did show he cared and loved his family in ways which worked for him. Making sure his husband came out of the military on his own terms, always wanting the best for his daughter and their future children, knowing that his eccentricities drove his spouses crazy, and trying to curb them. – that’s what a man who’s a realist yet filled with love does. Luke and Gia accepted Josh for who he was, as he accepted them.

This happily ever ménage was a sure fire hit and should be read in order. I am only sad to see it end, but hope springs eternal that Ms. Akeroyd will grace us with this throuple again in the future.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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