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S.E.X. Review~ Butterfly Assassin by Annabelle Jacobs

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Length: 82,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design


Set in the Regent’s Park pack world

Clapham Common—a new pack with their own set of problems…

Shifter Aaron Harper gets drawn into illegal underground fighting to keep an eye on his best friend. The thrill of the fight keeps him coming back for more, but discovery could mean imprisonment and banishment from their pack. Without a beta to watch over them, common sense takes a back seat.

Michael Archer of the Shifter Crimes Task Force is investigating recent murders. Despite the brutal cause of death pointing to the work of a shifter’s claws, instinct tells him a well-known nightclub owner is involved, but they have no proof.

Aaron and Michael’s paths cross after another body with the same injuries is discovered. With Aaron finding himself on the wrong side of the SCTF and Michael looking for a killer, any attraction between them is both ill-advised and unlikely. But fate has other ideas.

Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with three rowdy children, and two cats. An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They're usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end.

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Set in the world of the Regent’s Pack series, Annabelle Jacobs delivered a nice addition to the storyline. I would recommend reading the Regent’s Pack books first (even though this is a stand-alone) because you will have a better understanding of the dynamics.

Butterfly Assassin, aka Aaron was mixed up in nefarious actions which led him to be at the mercy of a shifter crime task force detective, his alpha, and the council. The book was faced-paced and well written, although I wanted a little more fleshing out. An explanation and plausible one was given for Aaron’s fight club nickname, but not a lot of details. Additionally, as a previous human, I would have liked to know more as to how he became a shifter and under what circumstances.

The development of Aaron and Michael’s relationship was well done and Ms. Jacobs wrote a slow burn that sizzled on my e-reader. As a new couple, Aaron and Michael were off the chart.

Sexy & Sizzling
A four handcuff review

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