Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cardio Conditioning

In the battle to regulate his blood sugar, Jerry March joins a new gym, but while working our his insecurity, he overdoes it on the treadmill. His insulin drops and so does Jerry. Fellow gym member Gianni Lappatura rushes to his rescue with a glass of juice and a helping hand.

A few days later, Jerry gets to return the favor. After watching Gianni’s opera-singing strip act, Jerry finds him stuck in the rain with a dead battery and saves the day. As thanks and because he thinks Jerry is cute, Gianni asks him on a date.  It’s too good to be true, and Jerry soon learns his Mr. Perfect needs a bit of help of his own. But Gianni’s imperfections open Jerry’s eyes to the beauty of limitations.


Cardio Conditioning by Andrew Grey is the 7th installment in the Work Out Series.  Jerry March has sought guidance at the local gym in an attempt to control his diabetes. Gianni Lappatura, also a member, meets Jerry as his sugar level drops and he has a mishap on the treadmill, literally landing at Gianni’s feet.  Soon the men forge a bond, and an emotional and physical connection begins.

As a huge fan of Andrew Grey, I always look forward to his books.  Cardio Conditioning does not disappoint. The characters are realistically written with their flaws and insecurities, thus making them endearing to the reader.

Mr. Grey never forgets the previous characters in the series, as they are either mentioned in conversation or are written into the storyline.  I especially adore Lonnie, personal trainer at the gym, who is quick witted and ever ingrained in the lives of his friends.  His charming personality adds humor and substance to the main characters as they live out their lives through the eyes of the gym.

Cardio Conditioning delivers sweet romance and tenderly hot sex as Jerry and Gianni look past the physical flaws and focus on the importance of inner beauty.
A definite 5 Handcuff review.

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