Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hairy Harry's Car Seat


Peter Mitchell walked away with from his marriage with two things: a suitcase and Hairy Harry, the family pet.

When Harry becomes ill, Peter is faced with one of the hardest decisions he's ever had to make... saying goodbye to his best friend.

Evan Wells is the locum vet who attends to Harry and Peter is surprised at how quickly they become friends. Peter finds himself looking forward to Ethan's phone calls and the meals they share together. He knows Evan is gay but it doesn't bother him until Evan confesses his attraction to him. Peter has to admit to himself that he's not as adverse to the possibility as he thought he would be, and that does bother him.


Hairy Harry’s Car Seat is a delightful story that made me laugh and cry. I adored this story, as Sue Brown delivers a tale of loss, friendship and love.  Peter’s best friend and dog Harry, has taken ill and must be put to sleep.  Upon arriving at the vet’s, Peter meets Evan, the locum vet, who is immediately attracted to Peter. Evan assists Peter dealing with the need to put Harry to sleep and soon a friendship forms between the two men.

I have to admit, I cried like a baby as the need to euthanize Harry arose. Ms. Brown’s style of writing was authentic and elicited every emotion possible from me.  Hairy Harry’s Car Seat demonstrates that love is not bound by a gender. Peter, a once married man with two children is a self-proclaimed heterosexual, who finds himself attracted to Evan who is homosexual.

Sue Brown delivers a tale that permits the character to fall in love with a person not a gender. This was masterfully done, as Peter was a forty year old man who was not written as someone having an identity crisis, but simply someone that fell in love and that person happened to be another man. This aspect was beautifully conveyed and plausible.

Evan’s character was whimsical and carefree as he desired a relationship with Peter. I also adored Peter’s precocious children and even the ex-wife; all adding substance to the story

I am a huge fan of Ms. Brown’s and whenever I read one of her books I am always rewarded with a wonderful story.

Definite S.E.X.
A 5 Handcuff Review

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