Friday, March 8, 2013

My Guardian Angelo


Going undercover to find the commander of his marine unit was supposed to be the easy part. When his cover is blown, Lieutenant Bill Harrison doesn't know whether to hold on for the dangerous ride or jump. With a drug lord determined to take them out, Bill has to rely on his skills and the sexy guardian angel sent to save him.

DEA Agent Angelo Martinez is pissed when he’s pulled off his current assignment to go rescue some marine in trouble. Rescuing Bill turns out to be tougher than any undercover mission Angelo ever went on. Besides the fact that Bill is gorgeous, the man makes Angel reconsider his lonely lifestyle. And that makes Bill just as dangerous as the drug lord hunting them.

When rescue comes for both of them, Angelo knows he has to find the strength to give up the only man that ever made him think about giving up his undercover work. And Bill has to find the strength to let Angelo go, hoping that his guardian angel will find his way home.


Wow, another winner in the Special Operations series by Stormy Glenn! My Guardian Angelo is everything that I hoped for when I started reading this series with John Henry’s Beautiful Charlie through Tattooed & Taken and now My Guardian Angelo.

Bill is on a mission to rescue Harley, a member of the special operations team led by his brother John Henry’s lover, Charlie. While in country, Bill’s cover is blown and DEA agent Angelo Martinez is sent to assist him and get him the hell out of dodge. What occurs is a wild roller coaster of intrigue, lust, sex, and love.

Angelo may be twinky and small, but the man packs a wallop, and knows how to do his job. He helps Bill escape from the clutches of the drug lord, but loses himself in the embrace of Bill. There is an immediate attraction between the two men that further needs exploring if Bill can convince his angel to see the light.

Stormy Glenn delivers a rough and tumble tale of sexy military men who know what they want and who they want.  The loving and tender caresses and words are plentiful and the sex is mind blowing from the first chapter until the end. From Bill’s gruff exterior to his loving internalization, I felt every angst he felt as he reconciled his feeling for Angelo. As well, Ms. Glenn produced a beautiful soul when she thought of Angelo. Angel, as Bill called him, was the perfect synonym for Ms. Glenn to name him.

As a fan of Stormy Glenn I always look forward to reading her work and the Special Operations series has left me fulfilled and anxious for the next installment.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review.

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