Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Kyra's Double Delight

Menage a Trois/Paranormal/Shifter

Heat Level: SEXTREME


Kyra Mears’s world is turned upside down when she wakes up in between two gorgeous men, and has no memory of how they ended up in her bed. Jake and Gavin Michaels are were-panther shifters who have been looking for a woman to pamper for the rest of their lives. When they meet Kyra, they are instantly sure she was the one for them.
The paranormal world was just revealed to the human world and Kyra is weary of all of the new information. She has never considered a relationship with two men, and especially not two were-shifters. Can Kyra see past her issues and accept the two men? Jake and Gavin quickly become too much for her to resist and her life is changed forever.

Review by Evelise

Kyra’s Double Delight by Shannon Reckler was a sexy read as Kyra is thrust into the world of paranormals and the arms of were panthers, Jake and Gavin.  Jake and Gavin are brothers, raised together; they share everything, including the desire to mate the same woman. They were introduced to Kyra by a mutual friend and immediately the attraction spirals, even if Kyra doesn’t quite remember it.

Shannon Reckler delivered sweet and sexy with an added dose of spice. Jake and Gavin were tender-hearted which was fueled by their desire and need to please Kyra. Please not only in sexual desires but in the knowledge they wanted her as their mate.

Kyra, although new to the world of paranormals was open-minded and not abhorrent to the world of the unknown or being with Jake and Gavin.

Ms. Reckler gave each character their own distinct personality. Jake was down to earth, easy going and all things fun. Gavin was cultured and slightly serious. Between the two men they were Kyra’s dream and exactly what the nurturing curvaceous woman needed. The personalities of Jake and Gavin were wonderfully displayed as every-day guys looking for the right woman. I loved that there was not necessarily any display of dominance even though traits could be seen. Nice guys, who happened to be shifters, who wanted a mate, can still come out on top. As characters, Jake and Gavin tugged at my heart strings. What woman would not want the attentiveness they showered on Kyra?

The sex was hot as Jake and Gavin ravished Kyra and engrained themselves into her body and soul. They spoiled her and made her sexual fantasies come true.

Kyra’s Double Delight was an erotic tale of sexual inhibitions thrown out the door where ménage can become the norm and accepted.

Sexy and sizzling
A four handcuff review

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