Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review: Royal Obsession by Cyndi Friberg

Category: Futuristic/Sci-fi/Paranormal

Blurb: Radical separatists, created at the onset of the Great Conflict, have been made obsolete by years of peace. They live in their subterranean Shadow Maze and only emerge when it's time to breed. For Varrik, that time is now.

Varrik, current leader of the Shadow Assassins, knows his people are on the verge of extinction. If they cannot adapt, they will die. Yet if his son were a direct descendant of the High Queen it would secure a place for future generations. Protecting his people is his first priority, so Varrik assembles a hunting party and kidnaps the royal twins. He is determined to claim the eldest for his own.

Echo, the younger princess, knows her pampered sister will never survive the sexual appetites of their virile captor. Echo doesn't understand the powerful attraction she feels for Varrik, but drawing his attention is a far better choice than allowing him to overwhelm her twin. She doesn't expect to find him fascinating or to crave the demanding passion he ignites. Can a dominating warrior and his willing captive bring light to the Shadow Maze?


Royal Obsession by Cyndi Friberg was raw sexuality as sci-fi met paranormal met fantasy. Varrick was the leader of the Shadow Assassins and lived in a world that was about to become extinct. They kidnap and mount for the sole purpose of procreation, where sons are revered and daughters are not.  Varrick has kidnapped Echo and her twin; Mystics with powers, the daughters of the High Queen.  Echo is a princess, pampered, true, but fierce and stoic in her resolve.

As a began to read the book, I was not sure if I would enjoy it; women kidnapped and mounted against their will, Echo taken for this purpose as well. But, the book was wonderful; erotic and sensual. No forced sexual intercourse, in fact, understanding and love soon became the theme of the relationship that formed between Varrick and Echo. Sure, when Varrick first kidnapped her, his purpose was to produce a son that would begin a new race; hopefully free, but Echo’s stubbornness and tenacity soon turned the head of the Shadow Assassin and an alliance and allegiance was formed.

Ms. Friberg created a tale of love forged from sheer determination to create a better world where civil rights were obtained for all, not simply the elite. The characters were charismatic and vibrant, each with a enduring personality that radiated throughout the pages. The turmoil, twists and turns kept me captivated throughout and engaged. The writing style was descriptive as a futuristic world was developed.

I look forward to reading more tales in the Shadow Assassins series as Ms. Friberg opens our minds and hearts to an unknown world. 

Sexy and sizzling
A four handcuff review

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