Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Moon Resonance, Lexi DeHalo


Charlie Throne never expected fate to pair him with a feisty Halfling who has a penchant for attracting trouble, but something about Xander captivates Charlie and he knows they were made for each other. Convincing the Halfling of this, however, is much harder than Charlie had originally thought.

Xander Wilde is a Halfling who has spent his life searching for a way to harness the power of the Resurrection Stone. But so far, the stone is proving to be more of a curse than a blessing as hits on his life from those that seek the stone’s power become more frequent. When a shifter comes to his rescue and agrees to help him, Xander is tempted by the dark promises that resonate inside Charlie’s soul and finds it impossible to resist the wolf’s charms.

But what price will the Halfling have to pay in order to have his happily ever after? Could surrendering his heart mean losing everything he’s ever known?


Moon Resonance by Lexi DeHalo was the third installment in the Be-Were series and did not disappoint. I have looked forward to Charlie’s story ever since I met him in the previous books. 

Charlie, Adam’s adopted son, has been sent on a mission by Alpha Jared to bring Xander to their pack for a discussion concerning an important magical stone he was in possession of. Upon finding Xander, Charlie discovered that the red-headed spit fire was a Halfling and his mate. Xander though, was too preoccupied with keeping himself alive and his mission to realize this bit of information.  Charlie and Xander formed a pact; Charlie would protect Xander on his quest to find the Sage and in return he would go to Charlie’s pack to speak to his alpha. If they could keep themselves alive and not drive each other crazy they may just make it to the other side.

(I would recommend reading the series in order as characters from the previous books are integral parts of Charlie and Xander’s story.)

Moon Resonance was wonderfully written. What struck me was the simplicity in the rapport between Charlie and Xander. There were no flowery platitudes, just heart-felt dialogue of friendly banter and eventually love. Ms. DeHalo infused charm and wit into each of the main characters, brought life to their personalities and made them loveable and likeable.

Xander had a larger than life personality that radiated through the pages. He was bratty and charismatic as he charmed his mate and any reader of the book. Charlie was stoic and forthright, loyal to his father, pack and his mate.

Moon Resonance gave meaning to the adage of choosing which fork in the road a person should take. Xander had to choose his path. Was the safer road always the best or was the scarier, unknown road? Sometimes taking the unknown road can lead to better outcomes when it is taken with the person you love. Knowing that someone would hold you in your desperation was far better than being alone.

Ms. DeHalo personified in her writing that together, scary and unknown wasn't so frightening. Together, any obstacle could be overcome and the reality of what you always wanted was not the pipe dream of the past, but the present- a hard lesson to learn but one well-worth the sacrifice.

Moon Resonance was a beautiful, loving addition to the Be-Were series and should not be missed; devoted characters, tender, lusty sex and a fairy tale ending.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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