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S.E.X. Saturday- Ruthless Book Tour- Dakota Trace

Welcome Livvy and Eryk. Thanks for taking the time to stop by 
Sexy Erotic Xciting to talk about Dakota's newest creation, Ruthless.
The book is hot as hell, so please enlighten us with some incite and excerpt.

*struts into room and waves*  “Hi all!  I’m back from down under.  For those who don’t know me, I’m Dakota Trace’s muse, Livvy.  As usual she’s turned over the blog hopping duties to me.”  *taps chin thoughtfully*  “Probably shouldn’t mention the fact I have her tied to her computer desk like the slave she is.” 


“Anyway I’ll have to say that visiting with the smexy Lucien over at the Wicked Muse Tavern was fun but I’ve been looking forward to this stop all week.”  *gives a conspiratory wink* “But that’s because I finally am going to get some one on one time with Asha’s sexy mate, Eryk. The foolish vampyre is actually letting his new mate out of his sight.” 


“But then again, he doesn’t know me as well as you readers do.  Asha actually expects me to behave. As I said…foolish, foolish vampyre.”  *moves further into the room* “Of course we all know I don’t behave for any longer than I have to.”

“Should I be worried?”  An amused male voice has Livvy spinning.  Eryk Solie stood behind her, his huge body filling the doorway.  His blond hair loose around his shoulders.

“Eryk! You made it!”  *jumps up and down* “This is Eryk, the wolf shifter from Dakota’s new book, Ruthless.”  *rushes to Eryk’s side*  “I can’t believe that Asha actually let you out of his sight.”

He rubbed the back of his neck “Yeah, he’s a bit possessive.  But nothing I can’t handle.” Looks around the blog. 
“So this is Sexy Erotic Reviews?”  His eyes widened. “Is that actually an adult excerpt? From my book?”  His cheeks flushed.

*giggles*  “Yep…my slave has no shame, much like another person in this room?”

Crossing his arms over his chest, Eryk glares at the muse. “So what are you implying?”

“Oh don’t give me that innocent look, Eryk.  I was there. You let Asha win, all so you could get into his pants. You shouldn’t be shocked when my slave wants to share your brilliance with the rest of the world.”

“Unbelievable.”  He shook his head. “I guess I just wasn’t expecting such a public forum.”

“Pbbft…you should expect anything when it comes to my slave…”

Eryk cocks an eyebrow at the muse. “Something tells me that you’re usually behind the antics…”

“Ah, yeah…well that’s a possibility.”  Shrugs shoulders. “Anyway….enjoy the tidbit Dakota has offered and don’t forget to answer the question below.  
Dakota will be announcing the winners on A Little Bit of Naughty tomorrow.

To Enter to Win one of the two copies of Ruthless…answer this question (the answer will be in the excerpt).

Question: What is Eryk’s wolf’s true name? (hint: it’s in the excerpt in italics and said during the claiming ritual as Asha claims his mate for the first time.)
Then place the answer it the rafflecopter form below. Dakota will be drawing the winner on her blog on Sunday.


Welcome to Xenres. Located in the heart of Dushanbe, a person can indulge in any sin imaginable, which is exactly what Eryk Solie has set out to do. As a lone Arctic wolf shifter in a foreign country, he longs for something more than mindless one night stands with men who could never completely understand him. Intuition and a tip from a local leads him to Xenres. Inside the notorious gambling hall, he finds his mate, one of the owners of the club. Too bad the man is considered to be one of the most ruthless vampyres in the district. To win a night in his mate’s arms, Eryk will have to lose at a game of chance.

Asha Talavi not only co-owns the darkest gambling haunt in town, he’s also a self-made vampyre. His ruthless nature has gotten him everything he’s ever wanted including the sexy wolf shifter who dared to accept his challenge over a hand of cards. But even after Asha claims his mate, there is treachery a foot in the form of a former lover. And when Eryk returns the following evening, he tracks down his mate to only find the man with another, claiming he doesn't remember him, or their wager and mating. Only an ancient ritual will tell if Eryk's love will be a match for Asha's ruthlessness and which shifter will in the end claim Asha.


“Hellsfire, mate, you have a talented tongue.” Asha’s complement seemed choked as if he were having a hard time concentrating, but Eryk didn’t have time to linger on it. Using his supernatural speed, Asha covered Eryk’s body with his own, his mouth swooping into capture Eryk’s cock. As Asha’s mouth slid down to his curls, Eryk’s mind went foggy with lust. Then it became a challenge as both men sucked, licked, nipped, and teased at each other to see who could break the other’s will. Eryk wasn’t even sure how long they laid there furiously sixty-nining on Asha’s desk, but when Asha finally tore his mouth way, they were both covered with sweat.

“Give me your name. I’ve got to do it now. I have to claim you.” The hoarse demand pushed past the remaining resistance Eryk had been holding onto. Playtime was over. It was time for not only the joining of their bodies, but their souls as well.

Eyolf…” The answer came out just above a whisper, but Eryk knew his mate heard him.

“Thank you, rypr.” Asha grazed his inner thigh with his fangs, sending a fresh surge of desire through Eryk. Then his weight was gone and he was dragging Eryk’s ass to the edge of the desk. Hooking his arms under Eryk’s legs, Asha cupped his ass while one finger full of lube probed his opening, smearing the cool gel over his entrance. “I have some natural lubricant, but I don’t want to hurt you, mate.”

Eryk groaned, his head tipping back as the finger breached him. “Even if I want you to? There’s nothing like the sting of a lover claiming you for the first time.” Eryk loved the burn of a cock stretching him, and wasn’t above admitting it.

Asha stilled for a moment before jerking his hand free of him. For a second, Eryk worried that he’d been too forward, but his mate proved him wrong. Pulling him completely off the desk with his vampyre strength, Asha sank into the chair behind him with Eryk straddling him. Between them, Eryk felt the broad head pushing against his barely prepared entrance. He groaned and pushed down, wanting Asha inside of him desperately.

They both moaned as Asha steadied his hips and slowly joined their bodies for the first time. Eryk had to fight to keep from coming. His lover had worked him over too well with his mouth. Sparks of pleasure raced through Eryk as his ass met Asha’s groin. He gasped. He’d done it. He’d taken his lover fully without coming.

“Tight.” Asha’s nails dug into his hips, even as his mouth rubbed over Eryk’s collarbone.
“Well, you’re not exactly small, lover.” Eryk braced his arms on the back of the chair as Asha slid down a bit to get better leverage. He gasped as the vampyre used the strength in his legs to bounce Eryk up and down on his cock.

“Take me.” The command was garbled as Asha’s hands pushed his torso forward until Eryk’s chest was pressed against his open mouth. The scrap of Asha’s fangs over his skin as his mate fucked him was potent. Each thrust hit Eryk’s prostate and sitting the way he was, his cock was trapped between their bellies, being rubbed over Asha’s taunt abs until Eryk was ready to scream. He needed more. “Shit.” He buried a hand in Asha’s hair as the vampyre lightly scored his pectoral with his fangs as if to prep the area. As Asha’s tongue washed over it, perhaps he was. There was a local anesthetic found in vampyre salvia, but Eryk wasn’t in the right frame of mind to wonder if it came from the salvia itself or Asha’s teeth. He needed to come, to feel his mate biting down on him, marking him for all time.

“Soon.” Asha promised, one hand slipping between their bodies. “Very soon, now, rypr.” Asha groaned his hips moving faster, harder now as if he were trying to burrow inside of Eryk.

“Now!” Eryk’s warning was desperate as his balls drew up and he teetered on the edge of release.

“Fuck.” Asha’s voice was strained as he slowed, still moving but just barely. Eryk’s release slid way. He panted as Asha held him tightly. The words of right were whispered against his skin. “I claim thee, Eryk. Both you and your wolf are now mine. Recognize my claim, Eyolf, and know there will be no other for you.”

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  1. Eyolf is Eryk's true wolf name. Congrats on your new release Dakota. :)

  2. Eyolf is Eryk's wolf's true name.