Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: Ruthless- Dakota Trace


Welcome to Xenres. Located in the heart of Dushanbe, a person can indulge in any sin imaginable, which is exactly what Eryk Solie has set out to do. As a lone Arctic wolf shifter in a foreign country, he longs for something more than mindless one night stands with men who could never completely understand him. Intuition and a tip from a local leads him to Xenres. Inside the notorious gambling hall, he finds his mate, one of the owners of the club. Too bad the man is considered to be one of the most ruthless vampyres in the district. To win a night in his mate’s arms, Eryk will have to lose at a game of chance.

Asha Talavi not only co-owns the darkest gambling haunt in town, he’s also a self-made vampyre. His ruthless nature has gotten him everything he’s ever wanted including the sexy wolf shifter who dared to accept his challenge over a hand of cards. But even after Asha claims his mate, there is treachery a foot in the form of a former lover. And when Eryk returns the following evening, he tracks down his mate to only find the man with another, claiming he doesn't remember him, or their wager and mating. Only an ancient ritual will tell if Eryk's love will be a match for Asha's ruthlessness and which shifter will in the end claim Asha.


Ruthless by Dakota Trace was pure S.E.X.-sexy erotic xciting! Xenres is a den of inequity and Eryk Solie had an itch to scratch, although tired of the one-night stands. He arrived at Xenres, a vampyre run club and encountered one of the owners, known for being ruthless, Asha, who also happened to be his mate. The arctic wolf and the vampyre soon found themselves in a clash of wills, guts, and steamy hot sex.

Ruthless was the start of a highly charged new series, Xenres Sins that was fast-paced and power-driven. The characterization of Asha and Eryk was larger than life; two magnanimous studs that knew what they wanted- and what they wanted was each other, hard and fast.

The sexual tension was electric as the men danced around the mating pull and when they finally came together the steam filtered from the pages of my e-reader. Ms. Trace left me breathless as Eryk and Asha became lovers as they opened their hearts and minds to the mate bond.

Action- packed and great minor characters also dominated the world of Xenres; thus allowing Ms. Trace to add to her new series.

Ruthless was a fantastic read that sucked me into the story line and the lives of Asha and Eryk. Damn, but did I want to meet these two in person. Ms. Trace writes with a style that permitted the reader to become engrossed in the story and the lives of the characters. She made Ruthless come alive and I felt as if I wandered the gaming hall per her explicit descriptions.

I look forward to reading more of Xenres Sins and learning of more deadly sins and the dubious deception needed for the vampyres to win their mates.

Definitely S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

Stop back tomorrow for a lively discussion with Dakota's muse, Livvy and hunky arctic wolf Eryk and a chance to win a free copy of Ruthless

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