Monday, July 15, 2013

When it's Hot, it's Hot

Someone asked me recently if I had any kinks in the bedroom. I laughed at the turn in the conversation with my friend. My answer was “hell yeah, don't we all have a few.” 

The more I thought about it, I knew I just had to write about it.

There are all kinds of fun things to do in the bedroom or where ever you get the chance to try them out.  One of my personal favorites is water play, just thinking about all that wonderful wet skin and the fun to have in the water. Then there are toys of all kinds to play with alone or with someone. 

Let’s not forget about being tied up or even spanked. There are just so many wonderful things to do or try for the first time. I have only named a few of the different kinds of kinks if you will.

My personal feeling on this is that life is too short not to try something at least once and see if you like it.  Your life should make you happy and your sex life should be the same.

As always be safe out in the world with yourself and your partner.  Remember life is to be lived not to merely exist in it.

From the words of Jessie Colt

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