Friday, July 26, 2013

Whips & Tricks

Here's a little snippet of a story my good friend Jessie Colt is working on. Untitled and unedited...

There is nothing hotter than a good sex scene to get the blood going and imagination working...

      We got out of bed and I grew flush as I stood realizing too late I had nothing on, again. Damn, I just kept embarrassing myself with him. Ion just 
stared at me, looking up and down my body. Lust over took his beautiful eye's as he moved toward me with purpose. Ion reached me in a few strides, reaching his hand behind my head pulling me into a kiss.  The kiss melted my brain as I grabbed hold of his shoulders to keep my balance. Ion reached his other arm around my waist pulling me so close I could feel the hard shape of his cock against my hip. I moaned at the feel of his arousal pushing against me, he took advantage of my parting lips thrusting his tongue in my mouth. Ion fucked my month with his tongue giving me a preview of what he could do to the rest of my body.

My body went up in flames as he continued to use that talented tongue to explore my mouth.  As his hands moved over my body making me shake from the intensity of the lust burning me from the inside out for this man. I knew there was a reason I was not supposed to be feeling this way but I mind would not allow the small voice there to tell me. Ion moved his hands under my ass picking me up off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist, starting to grind my hard cock against his. He pushed me back into the wall as he squeezed each ass cheek in his hands, rutting against me as well. Ion slowly pulled back from me panting hard, “such beautiful eye's, I could drown in them. If you don't want this to continue you have to say so now or I won't be able to stop.”

I looked into his eyes unable to catch my breath and nodded yes. He smiled down at me lust blazing in his eyes and carried me down the hall to his room. Ion gently laid me on the bed, unwrapping my legs from around him. He pushed his boxer off his hip, they fell to the floor. Looking at the wonderful body before me, I licked my lips wanting a taste of him.

Ion moved back onto the bed, pulling me close as he buried his face in my neck. “Damn baby, you smell and taste so good. It is driving me wild for you,” Ion said. 

Moaning at the attention he was giving my neck. The next thing I knew he flipped me over on my hands and knees moving behind me, running his hands over my ass. Ion kissed down my back reaching my ass, pulling the cheeks apart burying his face there. He began to suck and lick at my hole driving me wild. No one had ever done that to me. Moaning and pushing back toward that talented tongue, “oh god no one has ever done this to me, it feels so good. Please don't stop.” I begged him. 

Just then I felt a finger push in alongside that wonderful tongue.

Ion chuckled, “then someone has not been taking care of you as they should have. Let me show you how special you truly are Jess.”  Ion moved quickly to stretch me out and soon I was riding three of his finger for all I was worth.

Ion rolled me onto my back moving swiftly between my legs throwing them over his shoulders. I felt his cock at my hole, it twitch wanting to feel him inside me. Ion had rolled a condom on at some point and I was thankful for that one. Just then he pushed forward popping past the outer ring of muscles, the sting felt wonderful to me.  I pushed down trying to get more if him inside of me. He was finally seated all the way inside of me, stopping to let me adjust to the invasion of my body.  Folding me in half Ion leaned down to kiss me with so much passion it stole my breath from me. I couldn't remember anyone ever giving me a kiss like that.

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