Saturday, August 10, 2013

S.E.X. Saturday~ Fated to be Family~ Alanea Alder

Kate Edwards and Bran McGregor have been mated almost two years and things are going great. So Kate is shocked at her body’s reaction to Caleb Donovan, one of the newest members of their Pack and father to twin boys Landon and Lucas. When she realizes that he is her second mate she must figure out a way for them to come together as a family.

When the hyenas return, this time to kidnap their sons, Kate, Caleb, and Bran find themselves questioning the loyalty of the Pack around them and relying on those outside the Pack to keep their sons safe.

Unable to discover how the hyenas are able to enter Arkadia, tragedy strikes and Pack, Pride, and Sloth come together to defend their town against the hyenas, but will it be enough for everyone to make it out alive?


Fated to be Family by Alanea Alder was the second book in her new series, Kindred of Arkadia. The story continued with the lives of the people of town Arkadia, specifically wolf shifters Bran and Kate. Ms. Alder introduced a ménage when fate dealt Kate a second mate, Caleb, widowed father of twins. The three shifters must come to terms with their new mating all the while protecting themselves, the twins and the town from the Hyenas.

Ms. Alder introduced Kate as an independent woman in book one and kept with the theme in Fated to be Family. Her attitude allowed her to rise above any and all threats, protecting what was hers; mates, children and friends.

Caleb and Bran although very different in personality, wanted the same thing in the long run; a loving family with Kate as the nucleus.

The story further acquainted readers with the shifters from book one, allowing for their characters to grow as the town was now held together by the Alpha Mother, Rebecca, wife of Aleks.

Fated to be Family dealt with family, love and adversity. I did find some parts contradictory to the persona of Kate and Rebecca’s character. Some of the things they said seemed out of place in the context, but this was simply my humble opinion.

I enjoyed the dynamics of the new family formed as the antics were abundant and the men drool worthy. The sexual scenes between Bran, Kate and Caleb were hot and bordered on a little kink-just enough to spice up the relationship. A recommended read.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four handcuff review

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