Saturday, August 10, 2013

S.E.X. Saturday Review~ Master King by Gray Dixon #MastersofTabu

Jared King has hard rules and plays hard with the submissives at Club Tabu. Living the high life the way he wants has caused more problems with his family. His kink lifestyle is an embarrassment to the King family name. He refuses to settle down and fall in-line with what his father wants. Then there’s his childhood friend haunting his dreams, but the woman told him she despises him. Deep down, he’d defend her honor and lay down his way of life for her. 
Now what?
Bailey Melchor is a boutique owner and daddy’s little girl, except she wants to succeed on her own, not using his money. She’s had one true love, but she can’t stand him. Their one-time hookup turned into a disaster twelve years ago. They meet again at a friend’s wedding, but after too many glasses of champagne, they wake up in bed together. Not Dallas, but Vegas.
Now what?

Jared King, main character of Gray Dixon’s Master King was an erotic enigma which gave sexual magnetism and charisma to book three in the Masters of Tabu series. Jared, Dom and partner of Club Tabu played hard with club subs but had only ever wanted one woman permanently in his life, Bailey Melchor, childhood friend and one time lover, who was tentative in her sexual exploration.

Bailey was a captivating character. Ms. Dixon portrayed her with the mystery of an alluring personality that kept Master King on his toes the entire story. Submissive she may have been but spineless she was not. Bailey exuded strength and forte. Her submissive sexual nature was the perfect fit for Jared’s dominance.

Jared’s demeanor as the self-assured Dom was aptly apparent, but when it came to his dealings with Bailey he was as nervous as a teenager. Of one thing he was certain; he wanted Bailey as his submissive and was secure in his role as her potential Dom. Even with his self-assurance, Jared never failed to consider Bailey’s feelings and her self-imposed reluctance to embrace the world of BDSM.

Jared and Bailey were a combination that ignited passion and intrigue as they traversed the murky waters of their relationship.  Whether they were arguing or loving, Ms. Dixon allowed both personalities to permeate and dominate the scene.

Master King dealt with trust and understanding, two very important qualities when entering the realm of BDSM. The foreplay was exceptionally described and exuded realism. As a reader, every nuance and emotion was felt. Ms. Dixon delivered powerful scenes, provocative and tempting.

Jared King may be the Dom but Bailey Melchor was the one in charge- a beautiful D/s relationship, demonstrating the power of the submissive.

As a fan of the series, I have read and reviewed the previous two books and each book has left me feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Gray Dixon’s Master of Tabu series is reality in the face of sexual fantasy and a series that should not be missed.  

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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