Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek41

Welcome to the 41st week of My Sexy Saturday.

Let’s give our readers even more droll about and sigh about and love about each of our stories. Let’s show our readers that happily-ever-afters start with that one special moment, be it soft and gentle or rough and fast. We love good parts of the stories where the characters are making love or about to be loved. Forever. Share each and every moment with this week!

This week's 7 sexy paragraphs is from The Legend of the Diamond Globe~ unedited~ Fahad is dreaming of the sexy Elemental. Inc while taking matters into his own hands. Enjoy!

Clothes trailed behind him as he made his way to the master bedroom and into the bath. By the time he entered the bathroom he was naked and in need of taking the edge off. His cock was hard, jutted to his belly button and leaking from its slit. He turned on the shower jets and immediately the water heated. Fahad grabbed the bottle of oil from the sink stand and entered, steam surrounding him and hot streams hit his body. He arched his back and allowed the jets to hit the knots in his lower back, relaxing him momentarily. He poured a generous amount of oil in his palm and smoothed the substance over his hard cock, blending the oil with his juices. Slowly he ran his hand from base to tip, stopping at the crown to rub the purple head. Fluid leaked which he further drew out by prodding his slit with his nail. He shivered and used his other hand to grab his balls. Squeezed and pulled away from his body attempting to prolong the orgasm which he felt tingling in the base of his spine. 

“Please, not yet.” He pleaded with himself. The vision he created of three sexy men, tall dark and mysterious, the men of Elemental, Inc. He saw them pleasuring each other and then suddenly they stopped, noticing him watching them. They turned and made their way to him, stalking, stealth, they approached. When they finally reached him, Adolfo grabbed his hand and removed it from his sac and penis. “This is ours to play with amor, not yours.”

Fahad shivered and allowed Adolfo the pin his arms above his head, taking his mouth in a bruising kiss. On his toes, he felt the a gentle caress on his nut sac, a tongue began to lap at his hairless balls, his moans drowned by the relentless kissing, Adolfo controlled the kiss and his breath. He felt continuous stimulation, a mouth on his sac and cock, another on his tits, teeth pulling and lips sucking. “Pull him forward Addie,” Fahad heard the voice, but his dreamlike state did not give him knowledge as to which man spoke. He felt his body being pressed to Adolfo’s chest, his nipples now raw from an exuberant mouth, tickled against the light fur on Adolfo’s chest.

 “You like that baby?” Fahad could only moan his answer. “Oh yeah, baby, just wait for what we have planned next. Eri is going to eat that ass while I continue to work that cock.” Fuck, it was Cheveyo that controlled his dick and Eri was going to eat his ass? He’d never been rimmed before and the intimacy of the act scared him.

“Don’t be scared, amor, we’re here to make you feel real good.” Adolfo whispered, pecked his nose and caressed the back of his head. Just as he was once again claimed by Adolfo’s lip, he felt a swipe along his crack. Up and down the tongue swiped while two strong hands separated his cheeks and pressed forward through the muscle that guarded his nether region. He felt naughty and dirty yet safe and revered. Another hand engulfed the base of his dick and laved his crown, alternating between sucking and tongue fucking his slit. The multi stimulations had him on the precipice of orgasm. He clenched his anus, felt the tongue push its way in and out. His cock hit the back of a throat, the swallowing sensation drew his dick further into the tight and moist cavern.

“Please, please, I need to come,” a mantra of ecstasy shouted over and over again in his head. A whispered word, “come amor” reverberated in his mind and Fahad found himself shooting his load against the tiled wall, his  legs buckled and he slid down to the shower floor. His heart beat a symphony in time with his ragged breath as his dick spur the last seat, spent and limp and his ass muscles clenched and quivered. “Holy fuck.” Fahad experienced a cataclysmic orgasm on the laurels of three men not in the room, but resided in his head, in his soul. 

He had never felt such a connection before. It was as if they called to his inner spirit, his panther. Karma and tradition did not elude him when named after the fierce beast. The beast that took form on his back, the dark creature with striking green eyes. His spiritual leader foretold of a union, during his namesake ceremony many years ago, where his beast would join three others in kinship and survival. Could the men of Elemental, Inc. be his kinsmen? His future? Fahad had to find out. “Of course I need to get up off the shower floor first,” he chuckled to himself now that he had his sea legs back.


  1. Damn THAT's Fahad? *drools* Ok....with that being said...yum...I love not only the sizzling sex, but also the emotional impact it's having on Fahad. Very well done.


  2. Libidinous panther! Well Fahad has all bases covered. If he can't get out to play, he always can play alone