Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haunted House of Manlove Flash Hop

Welcome to the House of Manlove Flash Hop.....1200 words of yummy M/M goodness. Christian and Jeremiah are back from Always in My Arms. This time, they're off to a weekend excursion in the Adirondack Mountains to celebrate Halloween.


A Heavenly Halloween

The week of Halloween in the Adirondack Mountains brought out the chill of the Fall, the trees at their peak with colorful and vibrant leaves, and hayrides through the scenic mountain passes.

In the eyes of the law, Christian and Jeremiah had been married for less than a year, but officially, they’d been together for over ten. Through thick and thin, the two men were attached at the hip. Especially after the IED exploded not ten yards in front of Christian’s Humvee, killing two crewmen and leaving him confined to a wheel chair.

In light of the horrors, they became grateful for the little things.

Be that as it may, Jeremiah knew that Christian loved Halloween and all its trappings. Caramel apples, silly costumes, hot toddies, and hayrides. With the ever-so-popular holiday landing on a Friday, Jeremiah decided to make reservations at the same resort they were married at. Boasting a sunset hayride for lovers, he couldn’t wait to bundle his husband under a blanket, lounge in the wagon and parade through the Adirondack Mountains, where upon completion, he’d deliver the real surprise.

“Babe, are you about ready?” Jeremiah yelled from the foyer of their ranch-style home. With Christian’s wheel chair, the house had been converted to suit all his needs. Wider halls, lower cabinets and appliances, and the piece de resistance- the extra-large bathroom with Jacuzzi and walk in shower with seating.

“Just about,” his lover answered from the master bedroom. “I’m tossing in some last minute things.”

Chuckling, Jeremiah responded, “I already got the larger bottle of lube so get your delectable ass out here, so we can arrive before dinner.”

The almost silent strum of the wheel chair appeared in Jeremiah’s line of sight, as his dark haired, green-eyed lover pumped the sport style chair down the lacquered wooden hallway.

“You know me so well,” Christian stopped in front of his husband, waiting for him to stop laughing.

“Come on. There’s a hayride with our name on it and I want to get settled before we go.” 

Leading the way out the home, Jeremiah locked up while Christian settled in the SUV.

“Too a hauntingly fantastic weekend and hayride,” Christian cheered as Jeremiah pulled out of the driveway and onto the street.

“A heavenly haunting weekend, if I have my way.” Jeremiah’s brows rose and fell, his smile wide.

The drive, thankfully pleasant, as the scenic views along the highway created a sensation of days past, where small towns banded together for Fall festivities, and children were afforded safety in taking candy from strangers.

The resort came into view, the entrance sign decorated with ghostly cobwebs and orange and black lights. Jeremiah drove straight to the clubhouse where he checked them in, retrieved the key. Seven this evening, the Hayride Master would pick them up for their excursion. And Jeremiah planned to take full advantage of their time together.

“Were you able to get the same cabin as before?” Christian inquired, looking around at the intricately carved Jack ‘o lanterns, the lights and spooky decorations. The resort appeared to be in full swing for all Hallow’s Eve and the Fall merriments. Bundled children and adults walked along the illuminated paths, sipping hot chocolate or cider as they admired the artfully done d├ęcor.

“All set, love.” Jeremiah leaned over and pecked Christian on his plump lips before navigating to their cabin. The sun, although bright and high in the sky, did very little to take the chill out of the air. They’d have to bundle up tonight.

A roaring fire warmed the expanse of the cabin; embers glowed behind the wrought iron gate. The large leather sofa sat in front of the stone-faced fireplace, perfect for snuggling, which they planned to do in plenty.

Jeremiah scooted Christian towards the bedroom so he could unpack their overnight bag and rest before dinner.

Whistling to a tune he’d made up in his head, Jeremiah made tomato–basil soup and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches on ciabatta bread. He knew the succulent aromas would draw his lover from the confines of slumber.

Right on cue, “Damn that smells good. I love your homemade soup. Do you think we can take some along for the hayride?” Jeremiah admired his husband’s demeanor and physique as he wheeled himself into the open kitchen, curls bouncing and sleep still in his eyes.

“Of course, baby. Along with a few other things I have planned.”

“Do they involve mango lube?” Christian snickered.

“Do you want your willy to fall off because you’re horny?” Jeremiah plated the sandwiches and ladled the soup, shaking his head at his husband’s antics. Christian’s legs may not be fully functioning, but damn, his libido had not suffered.

Laughing, they settled themselves at the table and ate the hearty meal. Food wiped out, except for the soup now sequestered in the thermos, they retreated to the bedroom to prepare for the hayride. Warm clothes, a must, they donned the required and appropriate garments and Jeremiah gathered the blankets from the chest at the foot of the bed.

A knock on the door, hurried Jeremiah along. The Hay Master had arrived, decked out in a grim reaper costume, complete with a white painted face and large scythe.  He quickly wheeled Christian down the path to the wagon, hoisting him into the back and onto the soft hay. Handing the blanket to the reaper, he ran the chair back to the cabin.

“Hey, what about my chair?” Christian shouted from his place in the wagon.

“You don’t need it,” Jeremiah kept going until the chair was secured inside and the cabin door locked. Trotting back, he leaped into the wagon and snuggled next to his lover.

They meandered for over an hour, along a dimly lit path, the sounds of children blending with the chirping crickets. Jeremiah’s heart swelled as he watched Christian’s expression, soaking in the view. His man surely loved this day of the year and Jeremiah was happy to make the spooktacular holiday a romance-fest.

“Sir,” the reaper said. “We’ve arrived.”

“Arrived?” Christian was so damn cute when he was confused and Jeremiah pulled a fast one on him.

“Did you think we’d drive all this way and just take a hayride? Not that the hayride wasn’t fun, but there’s more. Don’t worry, we’ll take the hayride back to the cabin later on, but first…” Jeremiah lifted Christian into his arms and followed the blanket-picnic carrying driver through the woods to a clearing.

Dios mio,” Christian exclaimed in his native tongue, straining to be heard above the hissing sound. “What is this?”

The expansive clearing, unknown to visitors, held a Halloween hot air balloon, ready to glide above the mountains for a bird’s eye view of the panoramic scenery.

“Surprise?” Jeremiah entered the basket and gently placed Christian on the padded seat, tucking himself close and wrapping one of the proffered blankets around them.

“Jer, you never cease to amaze me. A simple holiday like Halloween and you turn it into…” Jeremiah wiped the lone tear, which slipped down his husband’s cheek and leaned in for a kiss.

“Happy Halloween, lover. A Heavenly Halloween.”

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  4. Short and oh so sweet. I was very relieved the reaper didn't turn out to be the real thing!

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