Tuesday, October 21, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Wolfen Bonds by Dakota Trace

The Council of Elders has charged Matthias Galloway with bringing the once prosperous Taghte Pack back into the Council's fold. In exchange for his services, Matthias names his terms: he wants to claim his longtime lover and friend, Andrew, as his mate.

  Nephew of a powerful alpha, Andrew Gilchrist has long been a coveted commodity because of his services as a healer. Neither expects the Council to agree to Mathias’s terms, leaving him free, finally, to claim his chosen mate. Even more unexpected is the presence of a third-bond to appear during their mating ritual.

  The grandchildren of the slain alpha of the Taghte pack, Colleen Donghall and her twin brother, were whisked away at birth. They're still kept hidden from those who would harm them. Raised in seclusion, Colleen's never experienced lust, let alone the bond between mates. On the night of lunar eclipse, she's drawn into Matthias and Andrew's passionate claiming, and her dormant libido is powerfully awoken. 

But it’s nothing compared to the lust and danger that will stalk her and her mates, when she arrives in Scotland.

Wolfen Bonds captivated and enthralled this reader as Ms. Dakota Trace took me on a journey based on intrigue and desire. Matthias and Andy have been together for many years. Unmated, they now have the opportunity to finally make their union permanent, but also lead their own pack. Matthias becomes the alpha of the Taghte Pack, with his healer at his side, thus taking over a tumultuous territory and armed with the knowledge that they will become a ternion, awaiting their third mate.

Colleen is a seer, rare in shifter lore, and usually befallen among males. But this time, nature took a left turn and the trait did not go to her twin brother. She is not only the prophesized chosen one, but also Matthias and Andy’s destined third mate.

Dakota Trace regaled us with adventure as she melded the shifter world with Scottish folklore, delivering a beautifully written story.

All the characters added spice and life to the tale. Matthias and Andy were the perfect mixture of attitude and compatibility. Opposite in disposition, their traits formed a bond that enhanced their capabilities and amped the sex factor. Colleen rocked this reader’s world. She was bold and outspoken; never to be used as a doormat or pawn, her role as woman was strong and steadfast. She capitulated all that should be perceived in a third mate and never wavered in her desire to be an equal. Good thing Matthias and Andy loved a strong woman with a mind of her own.

Ms. Trace has the uncanny ability to cast a spell and draw a reader into her world.  From Matthias’ dominant personality and Andy’s soft-spoken nature to Colleen’s lust for life, Ms. Trace mesmerized and opened the door to majesty and the beginnings of a hot new series.

Steamy sex, intrigue and deceit~ a contemporary shifter book unlike any other.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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