Monday, October 20, 2014

The Case of the Missing Torque~ Dakota Trace

“You!” Livvy peaked out from behind the door, her gaze meeting Colleen’s, which for some reason should’ve been amusing considering that it was Colleen’s bedroom the muse was hiding it.  But it wasn’t considering that Colleen had gotten drenched by a freak thunderstorm on her way back and she was soaked to the bone. She was not amused in the least.

Of course, Livvy seemed oblivious.  “Did that Scotsman follow you from the Tavern?” 

Colleen growled, then pushed on the door, managing to squeeze through the opening. As she entered the bedroom, she stopped and looked around the room.  “Exactly which Scotsman? Randall or Shay’s muse?”

“I’m not worked about your kinsmen.   It’s that dastardly muse I’m worried about.”  Livvy shut the door and locked it.

Colleen spun around. “Sorry no muse, no kinsman or anything.   It’s just me. A soaked heroine who’s still missing her torque. But it seems that some muse doesn’t seem the least bit concerned that I’m going to be in deep shit if I don’t find it. Nevin will kill me!“  She propped a hand on her hip. “

Livvy rolled her eyes.  “Don’t be so melodramatic.  What did Randall have to say about it? He obviously didn’t have it if you’re still going on and on about it.” 

Staring at the muse as if she’d grown another head, she prayed for patience.  “No he didn’t have it.  He gave to Aine.” 

A frown crossed Livvy’s face, then she made a show of examining her nails.  “You mean Liam’s wee daughter?  Why would she have it? 

“Evidiently Randall asked her to bring it back to me.” 

“Which she obviously didn’t.   So let’s go it.  She’s only four.  Surely, we can handle the wee lass.  

After all slave does it all the time.”  Livvy frowned.  “After all how hard can it be to find a three and half foot child?” 

Collen rolled her eyes. “You’ve obviously never had the opportunity.” 

“It can’t be that hard.”  Livvy stuck her hand on one hip.  “I mean we just yell for her and she should come running right?” 

“Little you know.  Kids aren’t like dogs, they don’t come running cause you yell.”  Hooking her cloak over the hook by the door, Colleen wished she could throttle the muse.  “Tell you what, she likes to hang out in the kitchen with Sara, so why don’t you go see if you can find her, while I get changed out of these wet clothes.”

“The kitchen?”  Livvy gulped. “I don’t do kitchens.  Evil dishes lurk there. Why don’t you go?” 

Colleen jerked open the drawer on her dresser. “Look. I’m soaked to the bone, tired and irritated at the moment.”  She glanced up at the muse. “And Lucian told me tell you if you give me any crap that I’m to call him, and he’ll come and straighten you out.”

“Fine, I’ll go.” Livvy crossed her arms over her chest. ‘But I don’t have to like it.”

Livvy was just opening the door when the little imp wearing a dusty dress and no shoes slid into the room.   She slid to a stop in front of the muse.  “Hey aren’t you the creator?”

The muse chuckled.  “Not really. Slave is the one who does the heaviy lifting. I’m just the inspiration.”

The little girl began to pout.  “But I want a mommy and new daddy to make daddy complete.”  She stomped her little foot.

Livvy squatted down in front of her.  “Maybe next time.  If…”  She leaned in and tugged on one of the girls braids. “’re good.”

“Did you ask her about the torque?” Colleen asked, drying her hair with a towel.  

“Not yet.” Livvy smiled down at Aine. “So what about it? Randall said he gave you Colleen’s torque to bring back up to her?”
Aine looked away, then gave a shy nod.

Colleen crouched down in front of her. “Do you still have it?  I’m not mad, sweetheart. It’s just that I was the clumsy chit that dropped it and Nevin will be very angry with me if I lost it for good.”

“I gave to it to Daddy.” She placed a hand on Colleen’s cheek. “I didn’t mean to break it, but I dropped it in the hall vent and it got stuck when I tried to pull it out.”  She bit her lower lip. 

Colleen took a deep breath, trying to keep her patience.
After all the girl was just a child.  “So you took it to your dad?”

She nodded. “The thingie that holds it together broke. So Daddy is fixing it.”

Straightening, she held her hand out to the child, then looked at Livvy.  “Miss Aine is going to take me to her daddy, so why don’t you tell the nice readers about the grand prize stuff, then join us tomorrow at BL Morticia’s blog to see what he has to say?

Livvy nods. “Sure thing.  And I’ll even tell them about the daily prize.”  Turned to readers as Aine led Colleen from the room.  “So this is the skinny. Today…if you comment below with your name and email address, you’ll be entered to win one of Slave’s many ménage books – Reader’s choice. Pretty easy, huh?” 

Taking a moment, Livvy jerked out a piece of paper from her corset. She looked up at the silence.

“What? Do you see any pockets in this outfit?”  Runs her hands down over the skintight leather pants.  “No, you don’t, and I’m sure you want to find out how to enter the grand prize contest.  It’s pretty simple: enter sweet Aine’s name along with the blog stop into the form below.  That’s all there is to it.  Then show up for the Wrap Up Party on Saturday the 25th to find out who won the grand prize – a gift basket that includes a necklace with a copy of the torque on it, along with a ecopy of the book, swag and some other goodies that Slave is keeping a mystery from even me.  So be sure to enter…and I’ll see ya all tomorrow.”

The Council of Elders has charged Matthias Galloway with bringing the once prosperous Taghte Pack back into the Council's fold. In exchange for his services, Matthias names his terms: he wants to claim his longtime lover and friend, Andrew, as his mate.

Nephew of a powerful alpha, Andrew Gilchrist has long been a coveted commodity because of his services as a healer. Neither expects the Council to agree to Mathias’s terms, leaving him free, finally, to claim his chosen mate. Even more unexpected is the presence of a third-bond to appear during their mating ritual.

The grandchildren of the slain alpha of the Taghte pack, Colleen Donghall and her twin brother, were   Colleen's never experienced lust, let alone the bond between mates. On the night of lunar eclipse, she's drawn into Matthias and Andrew's passionate claiming, and her dormant libido is powerfully awoken. 

But it’s nothing compared to the lust and danger that will stalk her and her mates, when she arrives in Scotland.


Dakota is a simple Midwest girl, who found her passion in storytelling at a young age. She wrote her first novel her freshman year on an old electric IBM typewriter. Now writing in several different genres from erotic romance and BDSM to m/m and paranormal, she is a published author with multiple books under her belt. When she isn’t writing, she’s a devoted band mom and a loving wife.
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