Sunday, January 25, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Run With the Moon by Bailey Bradford

Two species that have always kept themselves separated are about to collide and create a new world.

Humanity almost managed to do itself in. Ravaged by wars and plagues, the human population on earth has been bordering on extinction, although pockets of people have been forging on over the past few hundred years. It’s a hard life, and one Aaron Olsen fears he doesn’t fit into. As a son of a village leader, there are pressures on him he can’t manage, and things he keeps hidden, desires he doesn’t know how to express that keep him up many nights as he worries over them.

Valen is an alpha, born with the crescent moon mark on his chest. It means he’ll have to leave the pack he was born and raised in. It is the way of the wolf, and the only way to prevent it is to fight his father. Valen has no intention of doing such a dishonorable thing. He leaves as he’s supposed to, only to find himself the victim of thievery. When he hunts down the party responsible for stealing his belongings, Valen finds himself attracted to the human Aaron Olsen.

Now, if they can only survive their own pride and insecurities, and an attack that threatens everything they love, they just might have a chance at happiness in Valen’s Pack.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM.

Run With the Moon by Bailey Bradford was a mixture of raw sexuality and a primitive understanding of life. Humanity, long since destroyed, the story felt more prehistoric than futuristic. Humans and shifters do not mix and shifters have surpassed humans in their ability to survive.

As a born alpha, Valen must leave his father’s pack to create his own. He, along with his brother Rivvie take off to parts unknown where they encounter humans~ one being Valen’s mate, Aaron.

The dynamics between the characters was interesting. The wolf existence was simplistic; no clothes, hunt for food, mate with either sex~ alpha, beta, omegas, and a shaman. All the elements of cave men and not really futuristic, the story was a modest reality in dangerous times. A world where everyone left had to relearn the meaning of civilization and the ability to create communities and unite villages for survival.

Valen’s character, a strong alpha male, had an edge to his personality that was more animal than man. He was no-nonsense~ his life as a wolf surpassed his life as a human. Until he met Aaron, I got the sneaky suspicion Valen didn’t know what true feelings and care were, aside from the care for survival.

Aaron struggled with life after the ravaging of humanity, his sexuality and the loneliness. As a human male, the expectations were to procreate for the sake of repopulation with very little hope for love. Meeting Valen allowed Aaron to forge a bond with the man and become a part of something bigger when the village and Valen’s pack joined forces.

Ms. Bradford delivered an interesting book with twists and turns, leaving me with the desire to want more. I look forward to the next book in the series.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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