Friday, July 24, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Aviophobia by Serena Yates

Richard Abbott finally overcomes his debilitating fear of flying, boards Flight HA1710 bound for Chicago, and when it crashes discovers that aviophobia isn’t the worst of it...

All his life Richard has been afraid of flying. He has no idea what caused it, but nothing and no one will convince him to get on a plane of any size. His job as a member of a major bank’s IT department in London does not require him to fly—until he gets promoted. If he wants to keep his job, he has no choice but to deal with his worst nightmare.

Camden Marsh is a certified life coach who enjoys helping people redefine their priorities and their life. He is on his way to Chicago to attend an international conference for coaches and trainers when he begins a discussion with the extremely nervous man sitting next to him.

They have barely begun to explore their mutual interest when Flight HA1710 crashes and everything comes to a screeching stop.

Aviophobia by Serena Yates was a nice addition to the Flight HA 1710 series. This book is a standalone and need not be read in conjunction with the other books. Richard suffers from aviophobia yet he must fly transcontinental to Chicago for business. On the flight he meets Camden, a life coach by profession. The men begin to talk awaiting the take-off delay and Richard opens up about his fears—Camden sympathetic to his condition. Unfortunately Richard’s fears come to fruition when the flight crashes in Ireland. After a few days in the hospital the two men are discharged and elect to stay together for convenience and friendship.

I enjoyed Ms. Yates portrayal of Richard’s and Camden’s personalities. The insta-connection was born out of a traumatic bonding which soon melded into care and love.

Although the aviophobia was explained and Richard fought through it, the deep-seated explanation of his condition was never divulged or eluded to.

Additionally, I would have liked to see more of Camden’s life coach skills utilized. The synopsis led me to believe that facet would be an integral part of the story but sadly I found it lacking.

None-the-less, a nice story with lovely characters.
A three handcuff review

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