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S.E.X. Review~ Claimed by Desire by Skye Jones

Broken by the loss of his mate, wolf shifter Dylan returns to his birthplace in Wales with only one thing on his mind…revenge. But when Aeron enters his life, their intense attraction is too powerful to ignore, and budding attraction soon becomes something deeper. Steamy passion fills the pages of Claimed By Desire, Book 2 of Skye Jones’ hot and sexy romance series, Wild Hunters. 

Dylan Roberts returns to the Wales of his birth a changed man after the violent death of his mate. Having turned his back on being a bounty hunter and sworn off love for life, all he wants now is revenge. 

When he meets Aeron Lombardo, his new farmhand, Dylan resents the intense attraction that blossoms between them. But Aeron won’t stop pushing and soon things take a hot and sexy turn. 

As passions rise, danger rears its ugly head. Now Dylan and Aeron must choose whether to separate or commit to one another totally. Will Dylan take the final step and claim his new mate? 

Content Notes: Intense, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Spanking, Contemporary, Paranormal, GLBT, M/M, Shifters, Vampires, Wolves

Skye Jones wowed me with her new book Claimed by Desire. Dylan leads a quiet life in Wales tending to his farm and waiting for the day he can avenge his mate’s death.

Aeron, a local villager enters Dylan’s life like a whirl-wind, young, with a slight edge of innocence; he works for Dylan and falls in love with him.

Ms. Jones’ spin on shifters was uplifting and original. Everything from shifters ability to mating to turning a human —every nuance spoke of the author’s creativeness and careful planning.

The dynamics between Dylan and Aeron gave insight into a world of turmoil, hurt and guilt as Dylan fought his feelings and cautiously weighed each decision he made. Although Dylan and his wolf were symbiotic, the human struggled against the sometime-judgment of the beast.

Both Dylan and Aeron were strong men of character and fortitude—personal issues aside, the men fought to find sense in their feelings and the ability to create a pack while fighting an old enemy.

Characters from the first book, Claimed by Love, were an integral part of this story. They added depth and direction while helping to be a driving force in the book. Secondary characters Rhys and Kate too added to the storyline and I hope to see them in subsequent books. Although I believe this book to be a standalone, a reader would get a better sense of the world Skye Jones has created by reading the books in order.  

Wild Hunter series should not be missed. Skye Jones has created a winner.
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Definite S.E.X.
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