Thursday, December 3, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Melbourne Heat by Elizabeth Lapthorne

In the steamy Melbourne summer nights, two men meet by chance in the Botanical Gardens. 

Spencer, against his better judgment, agrees to meet a new client in the Botanical Gardens. While waiting, he bumps into Charles, who is out paintballing with some mates. Spencer agrees to have a quick bite to eat with Charles, not knowing the sequence of events that will unfold from such a simple action.

Charles is a shifter with plenty of secrets and Spencer has unwittingly brought someone else into the mix—another shifter, eager to stake his claim. Even after such a short time, Charles can’t imagine giving Spencer up. He’s willing to fight for what’s his. Spencer has also found himself falling in love with Charles, despite the secrets that surround him. Passion and danger collide and soon both men will have decisions to make. Ones with serious consequences.

Melbourne Heat was an interesting mixture of shifter lore and edgy romance. Elizabeth Lapthorne introduced a new spin on traditional shifters~ darker and grittier.

I enjoyed Ms. Lapthorne’s characterization of Spencer and found him likable yet easily swayed. Spencer had issues with BDSM and some aspects of the lifestyle thus making him reluctant to try many and or any facets that involved even the remotest part of exhibitionism, for example flogging on a St Andrew cross. I found it slightly confusing that Spencer would rather go to a perfect strangers home to engage in BDSM practices than to a club where dungeon masters would monitor private rooms. I got the feeling Spencer liked the idea of BDSM but in fact craved more of a vanilla flavor.

Charles was sexy and dominating but not overbearing. His wolf quickly realized Spencer to be a viable mate and sought to ingratiate the man and win him over~ which happened very quickly.

The angst was a bit underdeveloped, not only between Charles and Spencer but the insinuation of a threat against their potential mating. Additionally, what happened to Charles' friends from the botanical garden? They simply fell off and out of the storyline.

Likeable characters and hot sex~ but the premise of a new shifter spin fell short of the mark.
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