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S.E.X. Review~ The Truth About the Liar by Helena Maeve

When hunter becomes hunted, the lines between enemy and friend are easily blurred.
A hit man with a price on his head, Arthur’s days are numbered. He should be in MI6 custody, paying penance for shooting one of their agents and killing three others. He should be at the mercy of his South American employers, who paid him handsomely to liquidate a former associate only to be rewarded with failure.
He certainly shouldn’t be alive, in the care of a nefarious figure that even the SIS is wary of crossing.
En route to meet his unlikely benefactor in Egypt, Arthur is placed into the care of mysterious, subtly menacing Klaus. A man with a near-perfect reputation for delivering scalps, Klaus is not likely to facilitate Arthur’s escape. But Arthur knows how to handle tall, dark, unnervingly handsome threats. It shouldn’t take much to win Klaus over—even if it means that Arthur must plan his next move on his knees.

The Truth About the Liar by Helena Maeve was more about the relationship building between Arthur and Klaus than the traditional cat and mouse game the Shadow Play series is known for.

It is for this reason, that The Truth About the Liar has become my favorite book of the series.

Klaus was sent to retrieve hit man- turned -wanted man Arthur and deliver him to the elusive Robin- the man behind the mercenary cloak and dagger. Unbeknownst to Arthur, he has been recruited to work for Robin and found himself under his protection.

Along the way Arthur, insecure in physical stamina from captivity and deformity, must learn to trust his captor- turned- lover, Klaus.

Trust when working in a secretive lifestyle was not easy to muster and Ms. Maeve delivered a wonderful rendition and portrayal of easing the two men into a relationship. No soft words nor wine and roses, the dynamics between Arthur and Klaus began as necessity but ventured to need.

As with the other books in the series, even though there is an HEA, I still feel as if something was missing~ waiting for Ms. Maeve to drop the other foot and bring the series full circle.

An excellent read which captivated my attention.
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