Monday, May 16, 2016

S.E.X. ~ Seductive Studs Blog Hop

Welcome to the Seductive Studs bloghop, a weekly bloghop for authors, readers, and bloggers of M/M Romance.

Romance one snippet at a time~

Enjoy a mini snippet from my WIP~ Jameson's Jester~

This could so not be happening. Jameson Matthews, beta for the Sierran-Sawtooth pack thought, sniffing the air and looking around for the permeating scent―lavender and sandalwood. Spotting the source, Jay glared across the room and peered into the chocolate brown eyes of the new Alpha mate’s best friend and work partner, Peter Potter. Once again, no fucking way.
The man exuded queen. And from the little Trevor told them of his best friend, Peter Potter was also a clown of epic proportion. Jay needed a mate that met his goals and had his same drive―serious and steadfast.

Knowing that it would be rude to leave a party which celebrated the mating of his alpha and their new omega, Jay grabbed his longneck and launched himself off the balcony and strode across the yard to an empty bench under the large pine. Luckily for him, he’d be able to bid his goodbyes sooner rather than later, because once Cameron and Trevor left for Trevor’s surprise he’d book it. Far away from goofy Peter Potter.

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