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S.E.X.~ travel Day 4~ Cassandra's Revenge by

Savannah jewelry designer, Cassandra St. Clare, agrees to accompany her best friend, interior designer, Devon James, on a singles cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin, a three hundred foot super yacht.  The cruise was a prize in a charity raffle at Le Club Waterfront-Savannah, a BDSM club located in an old cotton warehouse on the Savannah River, and promises to be a blast.  Although Cassandra has only been an infrequent guest of Devon’s at Le Club, she’s game to give the BDSM cruise a try.
The Golden Dolphin provides a very discreet, luxurious and private venue for BDSM cruises.  The Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis, Alexander Dragados, the Chief Mate, as well as Gregory Dempsey and Natasha Romanova are all aboard again.  And surprisingly, of course, the lovely Baxter sisters, jewel thieves extraordinaire!
Cassie is shocked to discover that the boyfriend who stood her up on her senior prom night is aboard and is apparently now a Dom.  It had been fifteen years since she last saw him.  At first she is tempted to bolt, but when she realizes that he did not recognize her, she decides to stick it out.  She would just avoid him at all costs. 

Beaumont Bainbridge finds the tall blonde stunning and wonders why she heads the other direction every time he looks her way.  He can’t figure her out.  Every other woman aboard is clamoring for his attention—just like they always do.  Beau doesn’t understand why the beautiful Sandy is giving him the cold shoulder.  Can he figure it out and maybe even warm her up?
Adult Excerpt

“I don’t know, Beau. I don’t know if I can trust you not to screw me over again. I’m confused, and I don’t understand how I’m feeling right now. I’m still mad as hell at you, but you touch something inside me that no one else has ever touched.” She shook her head in bewilderment.

“Did you think when we made love all those times that I was looking to screw you over? I can promise you that I wasn’t. I was confused by you, annoyed by you, excited by you, but I never wanted to hurt you. I wanted to spank your butt a couple of times, but that’s not the same thing.”

“Do you remember that beach party at Devon’s parent’s cottage on Tybee Island that summer before senior year when I was working at the club? It was great—the music, the bonfire, all our friends. We had so much fun. And then we dated all of my senior year whenever you could get down from Atlanta. You were so cute, such a gentleman, and very attentive. I never could have imagined you would want to hurt me like that.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you. I made a stupid mistake, and believe it or not, it’s affected my life to some extent as well. Not that I thought about it all the time. I won’t lie to you to make myself look better. But I never did forget it, and when I did think about what I’d done, I felt like a real shit. Please forgive me.”

He kissed her again, and when she sank into him, he untied the strings of her bikini bottom. He re-tied the strings and put it over his arm so it wouldn’t float away on the waves. He watched her reaction carefully, and when she didn’t protest, his heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t said she forgave him, but she wasn’t stopping him either.

Her center was now crushed against his middle, and his erection was straining to get free. He pushed his trunks down and secured them over his arm as well. Now they were skin-to-skin under the water, and there wasn’t a soul in sight. The rocking motion of the waves and the feeling of her body pressed to his was sublime. He could spend the rest of the day right here with her thighs locked around his waist. Only one thing would make it better. He lifted her into position and thrust his hard cock into her warm pussy. The shaft of pleasure that sizzled down his spine made his legs weak. He braced himself against the roll of the waves and began to rock her with short, hard thrusts while he gripped her hips. He lowered his head and nosed the scant coverage of her bikini top aside and took the salty tip of her breast into his mouth. She groaned, and he thought he would lose it. This was the one woman who had the power to rock his world. He’d made love to a lot of women in a lot of places, but he knew even if they went no further than this moment, it would always be one of the highlights of his life.

* * * *

Cassie threw her head back and gave him her throat. She couldn’t stand to keep looking so deeply into his eyes as he entered her. She was afraid of what she saw there, afraid to trust her own judgment and emotions, never mind his. The intimate caress of his hard cock in her hot pussy was enough to send her over the edge, but she held back. She wanted these moments to last forever. They might be all she ever had of him from now on, and she knew these memories would be precious no matter what happened between them. He continued to pump into her as his husky voice whispered sweet nothings in her ear in the sexy Southern drawl she couldn’t resist. Her breath quickened, and she exploded into an exquisite climax as she convulsed around him, milking his thick shaft with every thrust. His hard cock pulsed his release as he kissed her with a fierceness that took her breath away. She rested up against his wet chest until their hearts stopped pounding. Finally, they both floated in the warm waves, their hands clasped together, content to drift in the warm surf as they watched the puffy clouds pass by.

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Savannah jewelry designer Cassandra got her revenge and her man in Skye Michaels’ Cassandra’s Revenge, Golden Dolphin 4.
Cassandra and Beau were electric in the single BDSM cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin.

Jilted as a young girl, Cassie has waited fifteen years to get her revenge on Beau and once she did, she tangled with her feelings for him. The progression from rage to hurt to love was well-written and Ms. Michaels permitted the characters to guide her in the telling. Cassie and Beau were sexy and steamy as they traversed murky waters and found their way to each other’s arm.

I particularly liked Devon and Sy; supporting characters who added quirkiness and fun. Cassandra’s Revenge was a great addition to the series and I loved Cassie’s no-nonsense attitude.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review


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