Sunday, July 3, 2016

S.E.X.Review~ Casey's Last Chance

The Golden Dolphin, a 300 foot mega yacht owned by Devereau Shipping which hosts secret BDSM cruises around the world, is making a transatlantic crossing to the Mediterranean for a Greek Islands cruise.  The fun includes a hurricane at sea, an encounter with some pirates and Captain Con’s confrontation with his controlling Greek grandmother who wants him to marry a Greek shipping heiress, as well as some hot romance and BDSM action in the onboard Dungeon. It tells the story of gorgeous Greek Captain Constantine Cortelis, and beautiful red-headed purser, Casey Campbell, whose story has woven through the previous six books.  After their tumultuous history, can Casey survive the excitement and can Con and Casey finally get past their problems and cement their on again-off again relationship?  This is the final book of this series and is a stand alone, although it is fun to know the stories of past passengers.

A beautiful ending to a wonderful series~ Casey’s Last Chance by Skye Michaels was everything I’d hoped as my last two favorite couples joined as one.

Golden Dolphin pursuer Casey and ship’s captain Con have been in a D/s relationship throughout the series, but not officially bound. Marred by a previous circumstance the two lovebirds have been on the outs, but attempting to head in the right direction.

I loved Casey and Con. She was a spit-fire tempered redhead and he was a stoic and handsome Greek. The secondary characters added spice and depth to the story and I even enjoyed Con’s meddling grandmother. Doesn’t every family have one of those?

Old friends from previous voyages on the Golden Dolphin joined in and the intrigue made the story all the more exciting.

The sex was steamy and off the charts, while well placed and well written. The Golden Dolphin series will go down as one of my favorite BDSM series and Skye Michaels hit it out of the park.
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Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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  1. Thanks for the spotlight, Evelise! I hope your readers will give this series a try. I loved writing it. - Skye Michaels