Monday, July 4, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Back to Back by BA Tortuga

Landon knows who he wants, he’s been dreaming about Adam Taggart his whole life. Tag, though? He thinks Landon’s too poor, too young, too wrong to be his.
Landon Gaudet may not be the best bull rider on earth, but he knows that’s where the money is in rodeo. His Cajun heart is more involved with horses, though, and with finding the cowboy he’s been dreaming of all of his relatively short life. Adam Taggart has been around the block more than once, and while he thinks Landon is special, he also thinks the kid deserves better than a safety man with more than his share of notches on the bedpost.
Adam does everything he can to resist Landon, but there’s not a man alive who doesn’t love being loved, so eventually he gives in. Landon can’t believe that Adam is finally with him, that his cowboy has finally come around to his way of thinking. The only problem is that Adam isn’t sure he deserves love, or that he really has any to give. He questions everything from his need for Landon to his family’s assertion that he can do better than a boy from the bayou. Can Landon show Adam that sometimes magic is real, and that all you really need is to have a little faith?

Landon finally got his man~ Adam Taggart~ in BA Tortuga's Back to Back. I enjoyed each and every one of the Roughstock series and Back to Back was no exception. 

I immediately fell for Landon- his tenacity, spirit, and love of life. Adam was rough around the edges but still had a quiet demeanor and strength which added spice to their relationship and the will to make life better.

Ms. Tortuga always does a nice job of creating realistic characters in true cowboy fashion. My only drawback was that I had difficulty following the 'speak' of this book and found myself re-reading parts of the story.

Past character interwoven throughout added to and enhanced Landon and Adam’s story. 
A nice addition to the series.
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