Friday, August 12, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ Grand Opening by Morticia Knight

The men of Kiss of Leather celebrate a beginning, but will the price be another ending?
The grand opening of Kiss of Leather draws near and the pressure is on to make sure everything is completed for the big night. Master Josh is a perfectionist, so no detail is too small in order to enhance the quality of the prestigious club they’ve all worked so tirelessly on. Unfortunately, the endless demands on Josh’s time have caused him to forget the more important things in life.
David’s love for Master Josh is strong, but lately, that love has been constantly tested. How can a sub in a full-time D/s relationship serve a Master who’s never there? As things continue to deteriorate between him and Josh, David wonders if maybe his Master has tired of having to care for a sub 24/7.
By the time the grand opening arrives, Josh and David seem to have worked out their differences and David is hopeful for their future. The emotional collaring ceremony between Gavin and Kyle is a beautiful testament to the power of love. But when an unexpected party crasher intrudes on the evening’s festivities, the men are reminded that there are still too many unanswered questions related to Corey’s kidnapping.
More than ever, the men of Kiss of Leather need to stand united. Will Josh and David be able to do the same?

Grand Opening by Morticia Knight was everything I’ve looked forward to in her Kiss of Leather series. A book of friendship, love and acceptance, with a sinfully sexy dose of BDSM.

The Kiss of Leather Club was about to open and plans have finally come together to deliver a state of the art BSDM club owned by Josh, Derek, and Gavin. Each man a dominant in a loving and committed relationship, the men of KOL struggled with their own submissives and weaknesses, all while attempting to solve the mystery of the depraved man, Mike, who’d previously kidnapped Corey (Derek’s sub).

Although the focus of the book was Josh and David, Grand Opening dove into the lives of all the men and unionized them in a way that captured the essence of their existence as a family.

Ms. Knight delivered sentimentality as she allowed Josh to grow as a dominant and David in his submission. Beautifully written, each man personally matured and as a devoted couple. Stone’s relationship with Marshall flourished and Gavin and Kyle committed themselves to each other. Corey still dealt with his insecurities but under the careful guidance of Derek the shy, skittish man began to thrive and evolve. Additionally, Ms. Knight gave us a glimpse into Chuck’s personality as a private investigator and a possible submissive.

The series continues to progress under Ms. Knight’s careful hand. The world in which she has created brought dreams to the forefront of the lives of loving men and their partners, with an air of mystery and intrigue.

I would recommend reading the entire series from the beginning to allow yourself the full force of the men of Kiss of Leather.
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